Friday, 9 September 2011

Taylor is Back

I don't even know where to begin. I am back to the blogging world after a couple months of silence, or rather inaction. It feels great!! Like I mentioned earlier, my mind felt scattered and cluttered, basically the first half of my summer was me in zombie mode, getting used to waking up early and long hours of work. I think the turning point occurred in July, around the time when my family packed up and drove to Fairmont, where we spent a week relaxing. Great vacation! That probably gave me time to recuperate from the many weeks of hazy thinking.

The summer went great though, I had the greatest time working with my dad, and I miss it. Living at home also had great benefits, like home-cooked meals and little siblings to enjoy everyday.

It's hard to believe that I'm already starting my second year of University, taking cool classes, making new friends, and essentially living it up to the max! I know this year will be a great one, with many new and interesting experiences to come!


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  1. You did work hard. AND...our vacation was super fun and relaxing. BTW, I was just thinking that I may have forgotten to inform you that even though you're a 'big boy' now, you'll be attending our summer family vacations forever! Clear the calendar for it every year...and let's hope your future wife loves us as much as you do so she'll be eager and willing and not just feel obligated! lol But then, who doesn't want to hang out with us, seriously, we are fagulous!

    You may want to tell the 'fagulous' story or direct people to my blog where I wrote about it...