Monday, 29 April 2013

Busy guy.

Super excited about the wedding this weekend :) Hope it is a blast! I myself will be cleaning the chapel this Saturday, the YSA are doing a spring clean up around the whole chapel, outside and in. Should be fun. 

This past week was really hectic, with Elder Williams going to Montreal, we have had Elder Gamez as our companion! He is super awesome and comes from the South of Spain!(He speaks English, Spanish, French and is learning Portuguese!) We have been so busy covering both of our areas, but it is good. Saturday was all booked, we were literally running back and forth! We found a cool house of Japanese ladies that gave us homemade ice cream! And everything else just fell into place perfectly, it was incredible to see the hand of the Lord in His work. Made for a great week.

We also received our transfer call...... STAYING in Ottawa with Elder Jason, I'm glad because I get to finish his training. :) We have tons of work but it's great! 

Oh another note. We were walking on the street talking to people. A group of 3 people were walking my way so I was like "Hey have you ever met a missionary before?" And a guy stopped and left his friends (They kept walking) to talk with us, we are seeing him later this week. Pretty cool for just opening your mouth right? 

The Dows Lake YSA ward is great. The members give us a ton of food, which is so nice. And they are always willing to help us out.

Well all is well in Ottawa.

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

 Road trip to Montreal from Ottawa.  Boys will be boys.  Sleep, work, play, eat...not necessarily in that order!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Just another week in the field...


We met a man this week that has 12 brothers and sisters, first person to actually beat us! We passed around a dinner calendar at church yesterday, first one on my mission! We also ate a bunch of taco's after church. Oh and more food! We went to an all-you-can-eat Chinese Buffet on saturday with a bunch of our investigators. And I ate CHICKEN FEET! Cool eh? Not bad actually. I like Chinese food :) 

It's finals time so being in a YSA ward is... enough said. But we have been having so much fun! The work is great and miracles happen everyday.

This week has been quite interesting. There are many changes taking place in the Spring season, more than the weather. Today, like an hour ago, Elder Williams (Zone Leader/ Roommate) got a call from President, he will be the next Assistant to the President, which is cool because he will be there for the transition to the new mission president we get this summer. I'm so happy for him, he is a great example of hard work and selfless sacrifice. 

I'm so grateful for all the wonderful people I have met and the experiences I have been having, but I know there is more. 

I have decided that I would rather write letters instead of emails to everyone. Everyone can e-mail me still (it's nice to have emails to read, and is easier for most people) but I am going old school! Feel free to write! But be patient with my responses as hand writing will definitely take longer than emails!  I love to hear all the good stuff going on in your lives.  Thanks for thinking of me and keeping connected!

The Lord gives us trials, to test our faith and raise us up. And if we don't rise up... how can we ever get to him? 

Well, have a great week! 

Love, Elder Heinzlmeir

Monday, 15 April 2013

Taylor is a trainer now AND opening up a new area!


As I was writing this email my finger hit a key that highlighted everything while I was typing so it erased all that I had... lame. Where was I, oh yes!  The trip sounds like it was so much fun, cool to meet up with old friends! And the conference! (I was able to go to Lethbridge this past weekend with some of my favourite people to listen to some inspirational speakers and amazing music.  I had time in Calgary to spend with some more of my favourite people....mmmm, home sweet home.)

 I do know Jenny Oaks Baker, a missionary I lived with had her CDs, good stuff!(Julliard trained violinist--you should YouTube her!) And that is so cool, heard it through the grapevine about my Chinese! (My friend Emily heard from her brother who is in Taylor's ward that he overheard Taylor speaking with an Asian man in Mandarin and he was amazed at how he could see him transform into chinese not only in speech, but mannerisms and his laugh even! lol)  Elder Jason is not called Chinese, he is called French, but he is a native French speaker so I am training him in English. He is great! As for where we are going... we have absolutely no idea until 4 days before we go... the Saturday before transfers we get our transfer calls, so until the 27th of this month I will not know if I am staying or going. And yes... its not the same without you cutting my hair, but Elder Williams does a good job. (I've cut his hair his entire life so I asked how it feels to have someone else cut it.)

Life is great in Ottawa, we have a blast doing the work! It is going by so quickly though, I'm still not that familiar with the area and transfers are coming up! Lets see, what is new... oh we went for a run this morning! So refreshing! We are all kinda worried we are getting fat so we are getting into good habits, we exercise well and are eating better, it's just so hard when we get loaded up with treats!! They taste so good and I want to eat them all! But I'm actually sitting at about 175 so not too bad. We were seriously considering doing yoga every morning to loosen up, thoughts?(I told him that yoga is awesome for core strength, balance and flexibility as well as a stress reliever!  I love yoga!)

On the other side of things, opening an area... not as easy as I thought.. especially when it is YSA(young single adults) and finals... don't add up well to people interested in meeting, but miracles happen! The other day the Sisters found a huge stack of former investigators numbers from a Chinese area in Ottawa from like 2006! We started giving them a call, and as expected, most are no longer active numbers BUT one was! We called him and met with him yesterday! He is awesome! Really interested in finding truth! Talk about miracles. We also fasted as a zone this week to help the work progress... and it has! Ottawa is great!

As for me personally, the mission is the refiner's fire of refiner's fires. It is tough, but it is so cool to see the Lords hand in all things. I have been studying the Atonement a lot, and really learning about the part of the Atonement we don't tend to think about... the enabling power of the Atonement. There was a great article in last months Ensign( )  about it, check it out. But really, the Lord makes bad men good and good men better. It is about the eternal progression, and He has helped me so much already in enabling me to be an instrument in his work. I love being a missionary.

Love you so much!

Elder Heinzlmeir