Monday, 29 July 2013

A great update from Elder H.


Love you so much! The kids can swim??? That's so cool! DisneyWorld?? I'm down, maybe we could stay at the Patrick's, except they are from Tampa Bay. That floor is the same floor we have in our apartment. Cool uh? wasn't expecting THAT though. Hopefully all goes well with the renos. Can't wait for the insoles. I was just thinking about how I want better posture! And I'll have more energy to knock on more doors! 

Soo ya Zone Leader is a pretty fancy title, not too crazy though.  Any missionary can do it. There are 6 Zones in our mission: Ottawa, Mount Royal, Montreal North and South, and Longeuil North and South. Elder Yunack and I are the Montreal South Zone Leaders. Our area is the island of Montreal, for French and Spanish. There are 3 Districts. Every district has a District Leader. Our role is mostly to help them. We meet with them regularly to discuss needs in their districts and we go on exchanges with them. They report key indicators to us and we report those to the Assistants. I love working with other missionaries. The mission is incredible because it isn't just helping people who aren't in the church to come unto Christ, but EVERYONE, including other missionaries. I'm grateful to play a role where I can work with them. Pretty cool.

This week has been crazy! Transfers were Wednesday, staying with Elder Yunack! He is the best. But it was crazy because we had 6 new missionaries in our zone! We spent the day making sure everyone was getting settled in appropriately and had a meeting with the Bishop to meet the 2 new teams of Sisters in our ward! There are now 10 missionaries in the ward! Cool eh? Could you ever imagine that? It's a lot, but it's great! 

Friday we had Missionary Leadership Council.  Thats where all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders have a meeting with President and the Assistants. (We have 4 teams of Sister Training Leaders. They go on exchanges with all the sisters and help them with stuff, not really sure, they kind do there own thing.) But ya, we all met and President gave great trainings on his vision of the mission (it was our first with President Patrick) and on how to work with Ward and Stake Leaders, it was super interesting.

Saturday we had a ward activity, a free car wash! It was fun, but I got sun burned on my neck and arms, next time I'll remember sunscreen. 

Yesterday we had a cool experience. We were out knocking and met a ton of people from Haiti, who had family members that were members! Then we knocked into a bunch of older Italian people, they are usually not interested, so we prayed to know where to go and felt it would be good to go to an apartment building down the street. On the way we passed a bunch of Haitian guys on a porch that weren't really interested. The apartment building was all Quebecois and they were all very frustrated. We finished the building and were heading back, past the Haitian guys, but before we reached our car, there was a lady struggling to walk with a bunch of heavy bags, so we stopped to help. We passed the Haitian guys for the third time, and they were joking like "Oh looks like you found a job to do!" and stuff. They lady was super grateful, and then on the way past the guys for the 4th time they stopped us and said "Hey, you guys really are disciples of Christ, do you have any books?" so we gave one of them a Book of Mormon and had a nice chat, we will be going back this week. Super cool how service can soften the heart, and how the Lord works His work.

Looking forward to another great week, hope all is well for you!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

Monday, 15 July 2013

Another week in the life of Elder H.


Looks like your having a good time, you should go to Guadeloupe and visit Elder Jason's family! You are in the neighbourhood. Cool stuff, hopefully everything is going well at home as well.  (I sent Taylor pictures of the cruise Jenna and I were on last week.)

This week has flown by! It was super busy, but great! So much has happened, lots of little blessings everyday, well not little...huge! We went to teach Marie-Betty and we had planned to bring the Bishop with us. We got there before him, and as he was driving up, Elder Yunack said, oh hey, I'll get the Bishop and then Marie-Betty had told me that she was just thinking that she wanted to speak with the Bishop right before we got there. We didn't tell her it was the Bishop that was coming with us! Super cool right? I went on exchanges into the Spanish district on Wednesday.  Elder Arias and I had a blast, and I got to use the Spanish Elder Gamez taught me back in Ottawa. 

One of the coolest things this week was service. On Thursday night, we got a call asking for volunteers to help the next day. It was for Red Cross collecting money in Metro stations for relief for the people that live in Lac-M├ęgantic. There was a train that derailed and exploded there this week, destroying the town, and many people were killed. It was last minute preparation but it was so cool, we stood in the Metro station for 6 hours, we were so sore, but it was really cool to see the generosity of all the people! Crazy that a tragedy happened so close to here.

Saturday was a full day of lessons, and when lessons fell through, we were blessed with other lessons to take their place.

Over all a great week. Oh and we had cake for Elder McCook and Elder Smith's year marks.

Well have a great week!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Canada Day = Moving Day

Hey thanks for the e-mail! Sounds like everything is going well! Can't believe Jenna is done with High School! That was fast. The pictures reminded me of my own Graduation which feels like it just happened. Congrats Jen! Also mission papers in??? You are coming here! I love the Reggie stories, he is so smart! Happy Birthday Mac and Kaitee! Ya it is super humid compared to Alberta, and really hot recently!

So this week has been interesting. Apparently in Quebec, everybody moves on Canada Day, like no joke! It was CRAZY-- moving trucks everywhere. We have been doing a ton of service, just helping everyone move recently, which is nice because when you serve someone it opens their hearts. It is cool to see people so grateful for such a little thing as helping them move. Also I have gotten pretty good at installing washers and dryers. Pretty cool. Also church has been great, I have really been learning by the Spirit and understanding the beauty of the Gospel more and more each day! Oh and Elder Yunack and I met 2 families last week that are interested in meeting with us! I love teaching families! That's what its all about anyway, helping families live together forever. 

Well, a little short on time today, love you so much!

Have a great week!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir