Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Hot Air Balloon in the Construction Site

What an interesting week for the Heinzlmeirs. Here is a little recap:

Last Saturday:

We went and saw the new movie Zootopia, and it was awesome! It has an excellent plot, perfect animation, and is super funny. Definitely check it out if you get the chance!

Last Sunday:

We had our good friends, the Heberts, over for dinner and enjoyed a little game of Taboo. If you are looking for a fun and easy game, get this one!


I decided that I am going to make an app and write a book! Not necessarily in that order, but I am beginning to learn the basics of coding. I don't really know how to do either of those things, but it could be fun, so why not give it a try?


Today was the first Face to Face for YSA, with Elder Holland. Our friend Levi was the host! It was a great opportunity to get some advice from our church leaders in a less formal situation. Check it our here: Face to Face with Elder Holland. After I got home from work at 9:15pm, we built a fort in our living room! No one is ever too old to build a fort. Lindsey helped me study for my midterm and we fell asleep.


Sleeping in a fort is fun, but not conducive to the most restful sleep. The good news is, it was really fun, so I say it was worth it. I had my neuroscience midterm today, and thanks to Lindsey's help, it was a success! We decided we wanted pupusas for dinner on Thursday and thus began preparations. (For anyone who has made them before, you know it takes a lot of work). 


Today was adventurous! After work in the morning, I scrambled to finish all my Chinese homework in time for class. Then Lindsey took me to the DMV for my driving test. This makes me sound like I'm 16, but I needed to get a Utah license for insurance purposes, and they wanted me to take the test! Luckily I have a little experience, so I passed! We had the Halls over and finished making the pupusas. They turned out great!


Netflix... enough said right there.


On my way to work, I saw this (and was really confused):

I think going in a hot air balloon would be amusing, but also scary at the same time. After work, we went and picked up Chinese food from Wild Ginger. They give you a lot of food, and its a fair price, plus we were craving Chinese, which resulted in a fine meal. Homework (a.k.a Netflix) took up the remainder of the evening (but we watched a documentary, which is educational right?). 

Hope you all had a good week too!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Inside Out and all that Jazz

What a week at the Heinzlmeir home! I feel like we had a lot of fun this week, finally able to balance that with our work loads. Lindsey did her usual drive to and from Logan on Tuesday and Thursday, safely I might add. Work was pretty busy, several people moving into the complex where she works. School has been picking up for us both, assignments galore and more midterms around the corner. With all of that we still managed to go to the dollar theatre to see "Inside Out" and went to a Utah Jazz game last night. We had a blast!

Quick review of "Inside Out": one of the best movies this year! In my Behavioural Neuroscience class, people kept referencing the movie, so we figured we should check it out. I love that they used the universal emotions of joy, anger, fear, disgust and sadness (universal in the sense that the facial expressions we use to portray these emotions are consistent across cultures). I also like the fact the the main character, Riley, plays hockey! I would definitely recommend going to see it if you haven't already.

The Jazz game was awesome too, the beat the Grizzlies and we were in the 7th row! Not to mention we had Dippin' Dots for the first time since I was 10 years old. All in all these things made for a pretty good week.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Prince and Princess of Summer

It's been a while since we have posted, and hopefully the reminder we received at church today, to keep records for our posterity, will call me to change my ways, and make better records of our life. We just finished watching "The Prince of Egypt" with the Merrill's, what a great movie (especially the music). It reminded me that no matter how small we may feel, God is always there for us, and can lead us to do great things.

Jeff and I had the opportunity to do home teaching today (visiting families from church to make friends and share a spiritual message) which always brings back great memories from my mission. I have been really motivated recently to choose activities that lead to personal growth, most of which are sparked by discussions at church. Like today, Linds gave a talk in church about family history, and gaining identity by learning from our ancestors. I want to find some great stories from my side of the family (not that it is a competition, but... you know, it always is). The other talks were on the same subject considering Pioneer Day (Utah holiday) was on Friday.

Lindsey also started working this week as a leasing agent, which is a blessing for our family! Now we are both working, which adds to the busyness of our lives, but at least we work about the same hours now.

Joe came to stay with us, and we totally forgot to get their keys from the office, which was conveniently closed for Pioneer Day, it ended up working out alright, and we had an awesome guest for a few days. We are excited for Joe and Stacie and their upcoming wedding! We all bonded with chocolate milk and pizza, quite a luxury.

Last Monday for family home evening we went with the Halls to play glow in the dark golf. We submitted the largest mountain in Provo, well not really, but we went up to Squaw Peak, and watched our glowing golf balls sail down the mountain. We are grateful for all the friends we have made since moving to our new apartment in Provo.

Other things we have done this summer, that we have failed to write about include:
- Getting married!
- Caribbean cruise
- Moved to Provo
- Travelled to Canada to take/write the MCAT
- canoeing the Provo river
- 4th of July BBQ and fireworks

Can't wait for more summer fun!

Love, the Heinzlmeirs

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Suits and Surprises

Well, I picked it up today and it fit great! No pictures though, don't want to give away the big reveal! School is winding down, and as the usual college student feels, every moment is a struggle. Mostly just a struggle to stay awake or pay attention, but struggle none the less. Lindsey and I are getting tired, not just physically, tired of having to FaceTime for communication, we are definitely looking forward to being able to actually be with each other every day. The countdown continues! School work is beginning to be completed as the last day of the semester draws near. It is the common topic among fellow Cougars, and I think three people told me today that "No one is as excited as you to be done!"... I can't help but agree. I love the things we have been learning in my classes, and my teachers are excellent... but marriage is better.

I had the realization today that it is pretty important to be involved with family... not that I didn't know that before, or have not had this exact same epiphany, but I made an effort to reach out. After all, family is number one! I'm grateful for the chance we have to be starting our own family, how cool is that! I guess you never can fully be ready to be married or have kids, etc. but we are in it for the experience. The journey we will travel is unpredictable, challenging, and rewarding! Just have to make it through finals week alive!