Monday, 29 October 2012

First Email from Montreal!!!!


I'm living in Montreal! It's so cool! Not too cold here yet, and I just heard about the storm last night, it should be here tonight, we'll see how it goes. The new logo is sweet! 

So here is the deal. After we got to the Mission home we ate the best food we have in a long time! It was really great! Then we had a little get to know you fireside thing and went to bed. We woke up, ate breakfast, had an interview with President. Then they told us who are companions would be and took us to meet them! My companion is Elder Bell. He is way cool. His cousin is actually coming here next transfer, Mandarin Speaking, so I met him at the MTC. Elder Bell goes home in 2 transfers, and is a great missionary. Our apartment is actually pretty sweet! It's not big or anything but the shower is really nice. 

We have been very busy teaching, which is great cause it's better than finding (which is a little intimidating). But we have already gone knocking doors, and we don't have a car, we cover the east half of Montreal so we just use the Metro, and we contact on the Metro (which is probably the hardest part). 

Church was in Mandarin, it was so cool! I got to play the piano in Sacrament (I did my best at least) and it was kinda tough to follow the talks... and read the hymns, but it was great! The members are super nice, most of them are YSA age. There is a lot of work to do but I'm loving it.

Also doing E-mails at the Apple store in Montreal is pretty fun. 

I say hey to everyone! That is so cool about Jenna and Shannon! They should come here Mandarin speaking! If they get Mandarin sisters. We only have 4 Mandarin Elders, well 5 but one is in French right now. Can't wait to hear where Scott and Mitch go!

Cool story... we were knocking in an apartment building and on one floor we spoke 5 languages! Elder Bell was born in France and moved to Hawaii when he was 14. He is called Mandarin speaking but he served in the Spanish branch and had to learn Spanish, and his last companion spoke Cantonese so was teaching him a little. But ya, on that floor, we used English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Pretty cool!

So ya life is good, doing the Lord's work. Love you all!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

...and then he sent this right after (for those of you who know Taylor know he doesn't like fruit of any kind and instantly stopped eating it when he turned 1 year of you'll understand this next bit...)

Oh and a miracle happened yesterday, we were at a part-member family's house, and guess what they brought out for us.... pineapple! And I took the fork and ate it... without even thinking twice. A true miracle.

Mailing address:

470 Rue Gilford 
Suite 300 
Montreal Quebec 
H2J 1N3

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Best surprise EVER!

Well, a surprise post because today TAYLOR called to talk to me!!!!  Yay!  He got special permission to call home and at first I was feeling a bit nervous thinking something must have gone wrong...but seems that his Mission President requested his presence in Montreal MONDAY...not the 30th...but this coming Monday!!!!  So because his P-days are Tuesday at the MTC and he leaves Monday, we wouldn't have heard from him and that would DEFINITELY leave me worried sick!  In fact, there's no doubt I would be calling the MTC and talking to my friend at the front desk again!

So he's got 2 baptisms Saturday and then he's packing up and catching a plane with a bunch of French speaking missionaries.  Cool stuff.  It will be so exciting to hear from him next time he writes to find out how his NEW adventure is apartment, new companion, new city, new people, new weather...but at least he's heading back to CANADA!  It can't be THAT different....can it?  Stay tuned...and I may actually hear from him on Monday from the airport as they are usually allowed to call home to just confirm with their mommas and pappas that they are truly on their way to the mission field.  That will be a bonus call for sure!  I'm hoping they don't count today's call as his call home...but I'll be okay if it was.  Sort of. ;0)

ps...he spoke to me in Mandarin and I have to say...SO impressed.  I couldn't even tell that he is new at it!  It just rolled off his tongue.  He has worked hard, and it's paying off!  Amazing.


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The countdown...

Hey! How is every one doing?

Things are pretty sweet at the MTC. Last Tuesday Elder Bednar came to speak! It was so cool, definitely could feel the Spirit strongly in the room. He taught us his method of studying General Conference talks, which was really cool because even a member of the Quorum of the Twelve studies the talks. It was really interesting because the focus was on getting personal revelation from the talks, what we can learn or change ourselves. I'm pretty sure he looked at me too (did I mention I was in the third row!) Pretty cool.

Wednesday was pretty good too, our lessons with our investigators have been going great! Both of their baptisms are scheduled for Saturday! Still have a lot to teach them but everything is great! I'm really getting better at teaching to our investigators needs and helping them through their trials. Or rather showing them how to receive help from the Lord. I definitely see His hand in everything I do. It's really helped me become a better missionary and help those that we teach.

I learn so much over the course of a week, it's hard to choose what to share. The days seem to be flying by now. It's a big cycle of teaching, learning and playing four square during gym. I guess I leave on the 30th so two weeks from today! 

I think the most important thing I learned this week is just how precious time is on the mission. It's time we have given to the Saviour and we need to use it wisely. We need to be focused and diligent and always remember the big picture of what we are doing. Our teachers have been stressing this. One of our teachers said "If you use your time the way you need to, the Lord will put people in your path that have been prepared, but if you don't He will take them away". Really helped to realize just how important this work really is. Salvation is on the line!

So I hope Reggie starts to be able to read, I know he can do it. Did Brianna get the card I sent? Cool that you are doing scripture study in the morning. Thats super important!

Love you all lots!

Edler Heinzlmeir

Oh and I ran into my friend Elder Nelson the other day! He is going to Guatemala, and is going to the MTC there next week. Cool stuff.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Week 9 at the MTC


How awesome was conference! Can you believe it! The age changes are so cool! And yes mom everyone was buzzing at the MTC (Some people even cheered...a little irreverant). I liked Elder Nelson's talk about asking the missionaries... that's me! I would love to write all I learned but it would take longer than half an hour. I'll just some of the talks I enjoyed: President Uchtdorf - Reaching your Potential, Elder Oaks - Protecting Children, Elder Christofferson - Being a Man, President Eyring - the one about the pavillion, Elder Holland, and of course the Prophet. Can't wait for the Ensign to come out so I can study them! (And maybe i'll get the Liahona and try and translate the Mandarin). 

So yesterday taught a good recap lesson on the Gospel, especially on repentance and baptism. Both of our "Progressing investigators" are scheduled to be baptized on the 20th of this month! Oh congrats Ryan btw. Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Hope you all had a lot of fun! Because of conference all we did Saturday and Sunday was watch conference and study! We did a temple walk, and had a Fireside on Sunday. Chad Lewis came, he is an ex-NFL player, went to Taiwan on his mission. He had a powerpoint of pictures and talked about experiences in his life and how they relate to missionary work, really cool. He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (I know that was wrong but I can't google it).

Other than that... let me think... the days are going by so quickly now, it's already our week 9 at the MTC! A lot of teaching a lot of spiritual experiences, trials and blessings.

Last night I had a dream I was in Montreal street contacting, in French, but I randomly switched to Mandarin and could only speak Chinese! Too bad I was talking to French people.

Well other than that, I cleaned bathrooms, biked for 48 mins for gym, played a lot of 4 square, taught lots of lessons. Elder Lewis is District Leader so we get to pick up the mail everyday again.

Chinese is progressing at a little bit of a slower rate, but thats ok, just gotta work a little harder I guess.

Thanks for the pictures mom!

Well love you lots! Have a great week!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

3 or 4 Weeks LEFT at the MTC...


I love the pics! Those are great! Elder Lewis likes the Northern lights one! Today has been pretty good so far. Temple, laundry, little bit of organizing and shopping, Elder Lewis got a hair cut, then we went to the gym.

Pretty average preparation day. Feeling good though! I wish I could print the pictures you sent off so I could show everyone at the sushe (Mandarin for apartment or dorm). Yesterday was really great! Our lesson was super good! Last week I started spacing out in some of our lessons so I was working with my teachers but still wasn't getting far. Then Sunday night after the Fireside we went and watched a talk from Elder Bednar called "Becoming a missionary". In it he said. "If you ever blank in a lesson start to bear your testimony about Joseph Smith and the restoration and the Holy Ghost will fill in the rest! So with that in mind and with a little extra planning our lessons went smoothly! Definitely receiving blessing from the Lord everyday! (Even the hard ones).

So spiritual experience highlight of the week. Last night we were in class and we were pretty out of fucus and I just wasn't feeling the Spirit the way I knew I should so I raised my hand and asked our teacher if we could say a prayer. She agreed and we all knelt down in prayer. The mood became instantly calmer and the Spirit was there and allowed us to have a great spiritual learning experience (We were teaching another district member) and is a testimony to the power of prayer. I know Heavenly Father answers prayers, without a doubt. I'm so grateful for His power and for allowing us to have His Spirit with us.

My Book of Mormon study is going great! In Mosiah and it's looking pretty colorful. I really enjoy having a focused subject of study. Our investigators love the Book of Mormon which really helps develop their faith. It's so important to read and study everyday to provide us with spiritual strength and give us revelation. Church on Sunday was great too! Elder Lewis and I blessed the Sacrament... In Mandarin! Then we got to bear our testimonies! My Chinese is getting better everyday, but still have a way to go.

I think I might be leaving the MTC on the 23rd (not sure if I said this last time) (also this is purely speculation) because the Elder in our older generation that went to Montreal left a week early (My date is supposed to be the 30th) because the French missionaries going to Montreal leave then. Just a heads up, I should know in a week or two for sure.

Also I mailed a Birthday card for Brianna. Tell her Happy Birthday for me!

Other than that... Oh I hosted new missionaries on Wednesday, saw one going to Edmonton, told him to say hi if he goes to Fort McMurray. So if new random missionaries say hi, it's cause I met them. Anyhow... Mostly just been doing the usual study, teach and learn cycle. Pretty good though.

When is Ryan's baptismal date again? (xilihui in Mandarin)

Oh when we taught at the TRC on Saturday we got the same girls we got last week so it was a super good lesson, they shared some great experiences and it was really comfortable. It's important to involve members in missionary work and gain their trust so it's cool that we do that at the TRC. (Unless we teach real investigators, which we have twice now).

Sorry for no new pictures this week, and sorry for not letting you know about the triple bunk bed, and long tie day (my pictures are a little blurry of that one). By the way, I was not in support of the triple bunk. Oh and Elder Lewis got called as new district leader starting next week (because Conference is coming they made the calls a week early), but that means we get to pick up the mail for our district! Best job ever!

Well I gotta run. Lots of love!

Elder Heinzlmeir

For those reading this and haven't seen the picture he's talking's this one.  Great Aurora Borealis the other night!