Monday, 26 May 2014

Food, food, food...and sweet people in Sherbrooke!

Good Morning!

Hey Mom! What a week. Thanks for that awesome quote! Ya it is cool that Bishop`s family are friends with the Crapo`s, what are the odds. Ben`s Facebook post is pretty funny, considering we hear those sayings on the right everyday! (I sent him a post from Ben of French phrases translated to Quebecois...pretty funny stuff) Speaking of Ben, he served in this ward! Cool pics from Calaway Park. Where is Garrett going?(Friend...Garrett G. is going to South Korea)  I would love to go to Honduras! That would be a great experience. Cool plaque idea. (Our Bishop makes a plaque for each missionary in the ward with all their details and picture that hangs in the church and then when the missionary gets home, the plaque is given to them.) My favourite scripture keeps changing. I think you can put on the plaque, 3 Nephi 5 :13 or 3 Nephi 9:14 if the first one is taken, both are awesome! There is a Sister in the mission that is related to the Godfrey`s from BC, Sister Godfrey, and Elder Keenan is too somehow, but he is from Chicago. Cool eh?

This week was good. We are starting to feel grounded in our area. We know it decently now. We walk a lot, which is great for our health. Also I try to eat healthily. We get fed more here than I ever have in my whole mission! The members love having us over, and they are sweet. There is a group of anglophones that meet Monday`s for FHE, and we taught the lesson this last week.

We have a man in our ward that is 91 years old! Him and his wife are great! They gave us chocolate when we visited them last week :) We have been visiting members to follow up on their study of Preach My Gospel, which has been really helpful to help build trust with them. How is it going for you? We went to Young Men`s on Wednesday to teach about missionary work. We watched videos on the Hastening the work website and they set a goal to double in one year! Cool eh? Lewis should watch those videos and him and his quorum could do some missionary things. Like inviting friends to activities. That will help prepare, and to start studying Preach my Gospel as well. OK Lew?

We had an open house on Thursday with a great turn out. Of members at least. Which is great! A lot of people live far, and it is hard for them to come, but they made the effort, and everyone had a good time, and got to see the church.

We had dinner with some cool families, and have been meeting the sweetest people. Yesterday we were fasting, for a family to teach. After church, we taught Louise-Elizabeth, a super awesome recent convert. Then instead of going late to Ward Council we decided to get to work. We passed by some people that weren`t home, talked to some people in the street. As we were leaving we said hello to a young man sitting outside his sliding door. He said hi and waved us over with a big smile on his face. We started asking him some questions but he didn`t speak much French, but he told us to wait for his dad. The father came out soon and we started to chat. They have 11 kids as well! They invited us in and we shared a message with them. They are from the Central African Republic. So amazing! We are going back tonight to see them! We are really excited.

Pretty good week, as usual.

Love you lots!

Elder Heinzlmeir

Monday, 19 May 2014



Good Morning! What a week this was. Many changes. I`m grateful to be living in this time, for the experiences I am having, and for all the blessings in my life. Seriously, life is G-O-O-D. Another week, another story.


Elder Fontaine and I took it easy. We played sports at the mission office, which was a lot of fun. Then we went about trying to visit as many people as we could.


Felt like a continuation of Monday. Continued making visits, then had dinner with the Patricks and Elder Gonzalez (The new Elder Taylor is training until he comes home). During dinner, President says "Elder Gonzalez, you`re new companion should be here by dessert." Then we started eating dessert and he gave the great reveal.


We made the switch, and we left Montreal (after having to get a poutine with Elder Gonzalez.)

The next few days, we used to get to know the area and the people we will be working with. I really like Sherbrooke. It has a pretty laid-back feel. Especially compared to Montreal and Ottawa.


Church was great! Everyone was so nice! Nothing Better than a warm welcome.

Elder Gonzalez is great. It is a pleasure to work with him.

I got a call this morning from the office... with my flight plans. Rough. Direct from Montreal to Calgary. Crazy.
I have as much time left, as I spent at the MTC.

I realized this morning, I have come a long way. My understanding of the Gospel is going to set the tone for my whole life. I read a talk by Richard G. Scott about his mission and how he feels about it, because all the things he most treasures in life are a result of that. I can see that the same will be for me as I continue on this path.

We have been visiting everyone to help them learn from Preach My Gospel. I have been studying frequently from Chapter 1. Our Purpose. I really understand the meaning of having joy. That`s what we are here for. It comes as we follow God, simple as that. That is why it is important to help others come unto Christ, eternal happiness is at stake!

I found out I really like jump-rope. And playing guitar. And eating healthy. It`s fun.

How is everyone doing? House coming along? Study anything interesting in Preach My Gospel? Hope you had a great week!

Love, Elder Heinzlmeir

When Taylor sent this picture he took, it made me instantly understand how, when we are 'set in our ways', change is nearly impossible--without the help of others.  Let us not be trapped by our 'ways'.  We need to be flexible and willing to change for the better despite feeling trapped by our old habits.

Taylor's greenie.  Elder Gonzalez

Monday, 12 May 2014

Mother's Day....last one on his mission!

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey mom, I had a great week. It was awesome to see you yesterday. So I forgot my old planner, so don't have a record to jog my memory for what I have done this week. Let me see what I remember.

Talking with you, Bernard's baptism, service for a Mother's Day activity, and transfers. That about sums up the week.

For my studies, I had been studying scriptures topically, based on the needs of the people I would be teaching that day. Recently I began to include time to chronologically go through the New Testament, the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants. This is a great way to not miss very important ideas, that you might by only studying by topic. It is really great because as I read this way, I find things really relevant to their lives. I love studying the scriptures! They make me happier!

I just love being alive. Seriously, its pretty cool.

Also want to say thanks dad for the letters! It brightens my day to get them.

I love you all! Elder Fontaine says hello, and bisous. I will send pictures now! Have a great day!
(...and transfers are in...his last area will be Sherbrooke, French speaking and he is training again!...and he's excited to come home, but not at the same time because he really, truly loves being a full-time missionary!)
Love Elder Heinzlmeir

Monday, 5 May 2014

Busy Boy!

Good Morning! I would love to go up and visit and speak in Fort Mac. (He arrives in Calgary on the 7th of August and speaks in Cochrane Ward on the 10th and the following weekend in Ft. McMurray!)  So you can do Skype lessons with Jenna? That's awesome! Lew is gonna be stronger than me soon. (Lewis has been working out to prepare for fall football!) Although I did bench 110 this morning! Thanks to consistent morning exercises.

This week went a little something like this.


We had a sweet day of visits. Highlighted of course with a visit to Bernard. He is getting baptized on Saturday. He is so humble, and his prayers so sincere. We also made a cake with Sasha today! We have been more focused on our purpose as missionaries, it has been changing my perspective of the work, and I am finding so much joy. Honestly, I am so happy all the time, people must think I'm crazy, but whatever.


Tuesday we went to the temple again. I learned so much! It really was a great day.


This is where the craziness began this week. We went on three exchanges in three days. I was with Elder Garrett again, who is a champion. We did family history with some people to help them get ready for a temple trip coming up. I love family history. I really want to get into it more, visit with Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Martin etc.


Today we went out to Ottawa. We had time so he visited with old people! It was great to see them again. Nick, Julia, Charles and the gang. It was definitely a special day. Then Elder Messinger and I went about helping people and testifying of the divinity of Christ. That usually makes for an awesome day.


Back to Montreal and this time with Elder Wright. We had a dinner with the Arabiz family from the Philippines. It was awesome, then another visit with Bernard. Elder Wright is a champion.


We finished our exchange at the Ruiz families house, because Elder Fontaine and I both taught them. (Elder Fernandez and Elder Wright are in the area we were in before). Then we had a day packed with visits. Finished again with Bernard. He said he was glad we have been visiting because it has helped him to be less shy. That was really cool to see, the Gospel really does change people, helps us become more like  our Saviour, and feel loved.


Great testimonies at Church! Then had a great ward council! We made assignments for actions to take to help some of the members. It was awesome!

So that's the week in a nutshell. You are the best, love you so much! Have a great week!