Monday, 26 May 2014

Food, food, food...and sweet people in Sherbrooke!

Good Morning!

Hey Mom! What a week. Thanks for that awesome quote! Ya it is cool that Bishop`s family are friends with the Crapo`s, what are the odds. Ben`s Facebook post is pretty funny, considering we hear those sayings on the right everyday! (I sent him a post from Ben of French phrases translated to Quebecois...pretty funny stuff) Speaking of Ben, he served in this ward! Cool pics from Calaway Park. Where is Garrett going?(Friend...Garrett G. is going to South Korea)  I would love to go to Honduras! That would be a great experience. Cool plaque idea. (Our Bishop makes a plaque for each missionary in the ward with all their details and picture that hangs in the church and then when the missionary gets home, the plaque is given to them.) My favourite scripture keeps changing. I think you can put on the plaque, 3 Nephi 5 :13 or 3 Nephi 9:14 if the first one is taken, both are awesome! There is a Sister in the mission that is related to the Godfrey`s from BC, Sister Godfrey, and Elder Keenan is too somehow, but he is from Chicago. Cool eh?

This week was good. We are starting to feel grounded in our area. We know it decently now. We walk a lot, which is great for our health. Also I try to eat healthily. We get fed more here than I ever have in my whole mission! The members love having us over, and they are sweet. There is a group of anglophones that meet Monday`s for FHE, and we taught the lesson this last week.

We have a man in our ward that is 91 years old! Him and his wife are great! They gave us chocolate when we visited them last week :) We have been visiting members to follow up on their study of Preach My Gospel, which has been really helpful to help build trust with them. How is it going for you? We went to Young Men`s on Wednesday to teach about missionary work. We watched videos on the Hastening the work website and they set a goal to double in one year! Cool eh? Lewis should watch those videos and him and his quorum could do some missionary things. Like inviting friends to activities. That will help prepare, and to start studying Preach my Gospel as well. OK Lew?

We had an open house on Thursday with a great turn out. Of members at least. Which is great! A lot of people live far, and it is hard for them to come, but they made the effort, and everyone had a good time, and got to see the church.

We had dinner with some cool families, and have been meeting the sweetest people. Yesterday we were fasting, for a family to teach. After church, we taught Louise-Elizabeth, a super awesome recent convert. Then instead of going late to Ward Council we decided to get to work. We passed by some people that weren`t home, talked to some people in the street. As we were leaving we said hello to a young man sitting outside his sliding door. He said hi and waved us over with a big smile on his face. We started asking him some questions but he didn`t speak much French, but he told us to wait for his dad. The father came out soon and we started to chat. They have 11 kids as well! They invited us in and we shared a message with them. They are from the Central African Republic. So amazing! We are going back tonight to see them! We are really excited.

Pretty good week, as usual.

Love you lots!

Elder Heinzlmeir

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