Monday, 26 November 2012

Speaking Mandarin like a

I miss his face sooo much...even tho he has sent some pics recently.  I just had to add one of my own pics of my handsome boy.  Makes the letter a little more 'real'.

AND,,,only 1 month till we get to 'see' him for real on Skype!  I love modern technology!!!!!

Here's his letter for the week:

Hey! Happy Birthday Mom!

This week has been great! That turtle is so cool! (He saw the turtle pics from Maui) And thats awesome about the Woodruffs! (Friends of ours from Calgary who just received their call to the Montreal Mission!!!)  We haven't heard anything from our leaders yet. So they are called to be the Mission President?(I don't think they are the new Pres./wife...just senior missionaries for the area...) The Cannons go home in June. 

Sounds like life has been pretty fun and eventful! Thanks for all the updates!

I'm pretty ok with the Metro now, the city is coming to be more and more familiar. And yes we can listen to church stuff :)(I'm sending him some CD talks and music on an ipod because they don't drive in the city so they don't have a CD player). I haven't gone to the post office yet, sorry, i'll do it asap. (he was supposed to send me a couple things for someone

I'll pray for Maria.  (A dear friend of mine is very sick right now so I asked him to please remember her in his prayers).

Well this week was cool! Xiao Feng was baptized yesterday, he is super cool. It was a great spiritual experience. I'm really glad I have been able to teach him, and get to continue to be his friend. I also spoke in Church on Sunday... It was so cool! 

I love Chinese people, I can say two words and they tell me my Chinese is great :) (This part is just really cute!  We all like to be told good things...especially when you're trying to speak the hardest language on the planet!)

I also love Chinese food! We went to the 1st counsellor and Relief Society President's house and they made us great soup! It was Ramen, but like real Chinese style.. awesome!

It snowed Saturday, but didn't really stick. It's below zero now though so I'm sure it's coming.

I love you all so much!

Have a good week!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

Monday, 19 November 2012



Hawaii looks super fun! Little jealous of that weather! Hope you are having a great time! Love the pics!

The weather here is decent. No snow yet! Sitting around like 3 degrees ish. No need for boots yet. Next transfer is Dec. 5  (every 6 weeks). And ya Elder Bell goes home in January! Crazy! And we do get to Skype for Christmas... currently unsure where, probably Chen's house... we will see. It will be great!

Well this week was great! Attended my first baptism! It was a lady the other missionaries in our branch taught and she is super cool! It was great to feel the spirit in such abundance. Someone we have been teaching gets baptized Sunday! His name is Xiao Feng. He is awesome! I can't wait.

Other than that, just been busy doing the work, it's great! Taught a lot and this week went by so fast!

Oh and on Thursday I went on splits with Elder Laboulaye! That was pretty fun.

Finished the Book of Mormon! Count 1 on the mission! I love the time we have to study in the mornings!

Well I'll send pics now!

Love you!!!

Elder Heinzlmeir

Like he said in a previous email, his companion had to buy him his first poutine once he arrived in Montreal.  Now THAT is some serious poutine...with BACON even?????

Assorted poutines.

The won ton that's legit!

He and Elder Bell...arriba!

This is what they call the 'Greenhouse'.  Where they do a lot of their teaching...

His District and everyone pointing to where they would be going.

Elder Nelson and Taylor

This is Taylor with his companion in Montreal, Elder Bell

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lunch gone bad...


Haha no long weekends in a missionary life... in fact not really any weekends either. But life is great! I'm doing pretty good! 
That's sweet you got to see the Simpson's... and beach in the Winter!! Nice.

Thats so cool Shannon came up! Pretty cool B-Day present.

Edler Bell is from Hawaii so he will love that you are going there.
It's not that weird not seeing movies. I mean I'd love to see the new James Bond but we are so busy there wouldn't even be time. President doesn't really have crazy rules. It's pretty much Missionary Handbook Standard. If we have any specific questions we can ask. He and Sister Cannon are great though! We actually went to their house yesterday for lunch! They did ask about the family, like just about what home was like with so many kids, like chores and stuff.

Me and Elder Bell get along great! No complaints!

Speaking of getting sick.... Wednesday was my first Zone Conference. We had a big lunch together afterwards..... And then that night it hit! Something went wrong and everyone in the whole zone got sick!!! Like everyone... even President.  Let me tell you Thursday was not easy. But we are better now :)

I love that Montreal is in Canada, even though it doesn't feel like it all the time. So many people ... so many cultures. A lot of Jewish people, hats and all.  Language is cool. We teach in Chinese and English. Most Chinese people learn English that come over. It is harder not being in the MTC and studying it for hours everyday. 

Umm special requests. Maybe like snack stuff like chips or something... we don't buy any, too expensive.
Happy Birthday to Shannon...

Have fun in Hawaii!

Love, Elder Heinzlmeir

Monday, 5 November 2012

Life in Montreal


Thats so cool to hear! (That I'm visiting the Simpsons in San Fran this week!) Hope you are having fun in San Fransisco! I think when I get home I want to focus my studies on children and development. So Im sure I would have loved that. (I attended a 2 day conference on Domestic Violence and Bullying and told him about it as I was sure he would have loved the 'neuro' parts of it especially)  Say hi to Sam and Joe for me. I hop Joe comes here...  Mandarin speaking so maybe I could train him! 

I hope she (Shannon) and Jenna come here Mandarin speaking so I can see them and they would be in my district.. although we don't have Mandarin Sisters here right now. 

Wish I could see the website! (My new photography website Thats way cool!

I miss those kids. (I told him a Reggie story) In our branch there are 2 sets of little boy twins. They remind me of the kids so much. 

Also sorry about the lack of pics. Have to be sneaky here at the Apple store, so I might be able to send some next week or something... it's very busy today.

The city is pretty cool! And yes! (I asked him if he's had poutine yet...) There is a tradition where the trainer buys his greenie his first poutine so Elder Bell bought me one the other day... soooo good. (Pictures to come).

I got Dad's letter in 5 days, we will see about the package (I asked him to let me know how long letters and packages take to get there). Also the cubs sent me a bunch of letters, that was pretty cool.

Bed is good, (asked him if his bed was comfy enough) settled just fine. We are doing pretty good, can't think of much... oh wait Winter boots I will need soon I'm sure. Other than that it's great!

We have a sweet branch and the work is moving along. We are busy and teach a lot, just the way it should be! So far nothing to crazy to eat other than the pineapple.

Love you lots have a great week!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir