Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lunch gone bad...


Haha no long weekends in a missionary life... in fact not really any weekends either. But life is great! I'm doing pretty good! 
That's sweet you got to see the Simpson's... and beach in the Winter!! Nice.

Thats so cool Shannon came up! Pretty cool B-Day present.

Edler Bell is from Hawaii so he will love that you are going there.
It's not that weird not seeing movies. I mean I'd love to see the new James Bond but we are so busy there wouldn't even be time. President doesn't really have crazy rules. It's pretty much Missionary Handbook Standard. If we have any specific questions we can ask. He and Sister Cannon are great though! We actually went to their house yesterday for lunch! They did ask about the family, like just about what home was like with so many kids, like chores and stuff.

Me and Elder Bell get along great! No complaints!

Speaking of getting sick.... Wednesday was my first Zone Conference. We had a big lunch together afterwards..... And then that night it hit! Something went wrong and everyone in the whole zone got sick!!! Like everyone... even President.  Let me tell you Thursday was not easy. But we are better now :)

I love that Montreal is in Canada, even though it doesn't feel like it all the time. So many people ... so many cultures. A lot of Jewish people, hats and all.  Language is cool. We teach in Chinese and English. Most Chinese people learn English that come over. It is harder not being in the MTC and studying it for hours everyday. 

Umm special requests. Maybe like snack stuff like chips or something... we don't buy any, too expensive.
Happy Birthday to Shannon...

Have fun in Hawaii!

Love, Elder Heinzlmeir

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