Monday, 5 November 2012

Life in Montreal


Thats so cool to hear! (That I'm visiting the Simpsons in San Fran this week!) Hope you are having fun in San Fransisco! I think when I get home I want to focus my studies on children and development. So Im sure I would have loved that. (I attended a 2 day conference on Domestic Violence and Bullying and told him about it as I was sure he would have loved the 'neuro' parts of it especially)  Say hi to Sam and Joe for me. I hop Joe comes here...  Mandarin speaking so maybe I could train him! 

I hope she (Shannon) and Jenna come here Mandarin speaking so I can see them and they would be in my district.. although we don't have Mandarin Sisters here right now. 

Wish I could see the website! (My new photography website Thats way cool!

I miss those kids. (I told him a Reggie story) In our branch there are 2 sets of little boy twins. They remind me of the kids so much. 

Also sorry about the lack of pics. Have to be sneaky here at the Apple store, so I might be able to send some next week or something... it's very busy today.

The city is pretty cool! And yes! (I asked him if he's had poutine yet...) There is a tradition where the trainer buys his greenie his first poutine so Elder Bell bought me one the other day... soooo good. (Pictures to come).

I got Dad's letter in 5 days, we will see about the package (I asked him to let me know how long letters and packages take to get there). Also the cubs sent me a bunch of letters, that was pretty cool.

Bed is good, (asked him if his bed was comfy enough) settled just fine. We are doing pretty good, can't think of much... oh wait Winter boots I will need soon I'm sure. Other than that it's great!

We have a sweet branch and the work is moving along. We are busy and teach a lot, just the way it should be! So far nothing to crazy to eat other than the pineapple.

Love you lots have a great week!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

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