Monday, 19 August 2013

Busy = Lots of awesome experiences...with the odd weird dream thrown in...

Hey mom!

Thanks for the updates! The kitchen looks great! Is that a new fridge?  I love how sleek and modern it looks. Cool stuff!  So I just looked back at the picture and noticed the words underneath :P I like the lighting on top of the cabinets idea, it`s like the lights at church above the lip in the chapel, I was just looking at those on Sunday and said to myself, wow those lights really light up the room! (we did get a new fridge after our old one died back when we were in Africa...and we are getting new lighting to finish off the renovated kitchen...including LED above cabinet lighting and the florescent under cabinet lighting we already have will be switched out to LED as well.)

I had a LONg and weird dream last night. It invovled hoveboarding and teaching a man that had a pet mouse that tried to attack me. Anyhow, things have been great!  (This wasn't as random as it seems...I told him about I dream I had and we had a 'chat' about then he offered me this...which is pretty weird alright!)

That would be cool if I could just transfer, Elder Smith said we could live together too! (He's thinking of transferring to the Y (BYU) when he gets home next summer and he and Elder Smith are great friends who already know they can live in the same apartment together and remain friends!)

We saw him again ya!(I asked if he saw the Haitian fellow again...) He has a wife and little son, we haven`t seen them yet, but next time hopefully. We are also teaching a family; mom, dad, 8 year old daughter, and another on the way! They really want to join a church but want to pick the right one... yes! And then mom with 4 sons, 15, 13, 10 and 8. Oh and a family of 7 that we found this week. They are really cool, all of the above are from Haiti. The mom with the 4 sons lived in Florida for a while, so they all speak English, which was great becuase we showed them videos on which are all sweet! Things are great in our area, the more we become committed to the work, the more the Lord blesses us with great meaningful experiences.

Food situations great, we figured out last week, if you buy a variety of vegetables, cooking is easier and more fun, also we don`t have to eat just rice plain... who knew? (now that is just crazy he didn't know these things before?  Okay people, his mother DID teach him about veggies, rice and everything else that goes with them and MORE!!!  Thanks T!  lol) We are eating really well. I am also excercising every day, I do a combo of streches and push-ups and sit-ups. 

Well have a great week! Love you!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

Monday, 5 August 2013

Good Morning Montreal!

Hey mom!

Love you! We had an incredible week! We did see the Haitian guy again! He is super nice, we are seeing him again this week! We found like 3 families this week! unreal eh?! I love it! Teaching families about the Gospel is what it is all about! We have just been so blessed :) 

Anyhow! I'm so proud of everyone! Yay! Front page! Picture in colour, thats amazing!(Lewis made the front page of the paper last week so I sent T the jpg copy so he see his little bro in action.)  And Jenna! I'm beyond excited for her, seriously mission = best use of time! So at this point I have just been talking to the Senior Missionaries in the office about Lewis and Jenna and how they are awesome and going to serve missions! 

I love you lots!

I forgot all I wanted to tell you... and e-mail time always runs so short! 

I have a new friend in the mission. Elder Regnier, it is his first transfer, he is Elder Smith's companion and they live with us. He is from Weyburn Saskatchewan. He is a great missionary, we have tons of fun in our apartment. Mission life is hard, fun, and rewarding! 

We helped teach a primary class about missionaries on Sunday. Although primary kids make me think of the kids...

I think the thing I love about the mission the most is that your perspective changes, becoming more and more eternal and it is just amazing they way I see things now, compared to before. 

I love you so much! Have a great week!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir