Monday, 20 January 2014

AP's get to do their emails early...

Hey mom,

Funny, I was just thinking of werewolves the other day. A bunch of Chinese people know it! I played it in Chinese once at the beginning of my mission. (The Young Single Adults in our ward were playing this fun game last night after Family Home Evening...we used to play it all the time when Taylor was home and the YSA were commenting on how much more fun it is when Taylor is playing with them!)

 I hope Dane is ok, can get over that. I know he is ok. (The other day Dane asked me if Mac was still 'died' in Heaven.  I told him yes and he asked when we get to see him again.  He followed the question with "do we have to wait till we are dead in Heaven, too?"  Then he sighed and put his head down and said "I wish I could be died too.")

Grandma's birthday looks great! Not bad, 70 years old!

This week we were pretty busy. I went on two exchanges, one with Elder Losciale from France/England. Oh ya Nate Aulenbach served in his ward and helped him prepare to go on a mission. And the other one was with Elder Sam Williams, who I lived with my first time in Ottawa. Both were sweet. We have been helping members a lot this week, with moving and we home teach some families too. I just love visiting families and teaching the gospel.

We are teaching a family from Moldova (ya I had to ask where that is too) they speak Romanian, Russian, French and English. They are so awesome and they fed us a traditional Moldovan soup, it was yummy.

We had a Stake Priesthood Meeting last night, it was awesome! The Stake Presidency all gave great talks about keeping our covenants, sanctifying ourselves, and having faith. It was really interesting because President Glowa, the Stake President spoke about having confidence that our prayers will be answered, which really shows faith. It's hard to say all the things the Spirit was teaching us. It was great to feel the unity of all of us together.

Oh and they announced, an Apostle will be coming here to Montreal in March! How cool is that! Can't wait. Hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

Trying on suits...

Looking pretty dapper.  Reminds me of when he tried on those lime green pants in Paris, right Elaine???  And he's kept pretty fit!  It's hard not to gain weight on your mission!  People like to feed missionaries.  ;)

Monday, 13 January 2014

Funny Boy

Hey mom,

This week has been interesting, it has included some waiting at the airport, a 4:00am morning, lots of driving and great spiritual experiences. That makes for a prety exciting week. 

To answer your question, yes my feet are toasty warm! Thanks. The weather here has been crazy, first there was a bunch of freezing rain, the world became a giant skating rink, that was interesting, then the last few days have been above 0, so the snow is all melting. 

Well, seems like you and dad both want to know what an assistant does. This is what I have figured out so far. We pick new missionaries up at the airport, which is great, especially this time with the weather, all their flights were changed, and they all came on different flights. Then we take care of them, give them some introduction to the mission and send them off. We woke up at 4 am the next day to take the departing missionaries to the airport... that was weird. We go to meetings and most importantly, we pick up President's dry-cleaning. Somedays we take the kids to school, do the dishes at President's house and get him hot chocolate. Just kidding about those last things. We have an area, we visit and teach people, just like regular misisonaries. We go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders every transfer, and help organize things such as interviews with President and Zone Conferences, where we give trainings. 

Elder Lopez is amazing. His nick name is Glexican a.k.a. Glamorous Mexican. He is pretty much the best. We are already best friends. He loves working hard and serving others. We are doing awesome together.

For the BYU application I think my transcript needs to be sent to them, and some kind of agency needs to look and see how the credits transfer. It is on the information section for international students, they prefer to use an agency called the International Education Research Foundation that will do that. Would you be able to figure out that part for me, because I think it needs to be mailed in. 

This week we had a great experience. We had a lesson planned and weren't sure exactly how it was going to go. So we did what any misionary would do and we roleplayed it. President said something great this week, he said "If you go into a roleplay wanting to play, you will have fun. If you go into it wanting to learn, you will have an educational experience. If you go into it imagining you are the person, and desiring to know what they need, you will have a revelatory experience." And he had that happen! With the preparation we put in, we were really directed by the Spirit to say what Joe needed to hear. It was a very special moment for me, really feeling God's guidance, reassuriong me He is there and invlolved in my life. 

Everything is tickety-boo, hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

Monday, 6 January 2014

Transfer time!

So Taylor's letter today is going to be my version from our online chat.  We were able to have a 'back and forth' conversation this morning.  It was great.

So he is transferring to Montreal tomorrow...English speaking area.  He also didn't tell us that a while back, he was made Zone Leader again.  And now, he's being 'promoted' to Assistant to the President.  So he and his new companion, Elder Lopez will be picking up and moving to Montreal tomorrow and then picking up the new missionaries from the airport.  He'll be able to see Quebec City too!  He's pretty stoked.  He's up for anything really. 

We sent him his winter boots because the ones he had last year were not warm enough and he nearly froze his toes off!  So I sent them, along with more baked goodies etc. to his Bishop's house in a package because the mission office is 2.5 hours from I knew he'd get them sooner than later...anyway, the Bishop's wife, Cathy Piper, messaged me the other day and said the package had arrived and they set it aside and went out for a couple hours that evening.  When they returned home, they found the box for Taylor completely demolished and ripped to shreds.  Bubba the dog discovered the box and his sniffer detected the goodies inside.  Clever Bubba.  He couldn't resist.  Tore the thing apart and helped himself.  I told Cathy that Bubba's tummy ache was punishment enough I'm sure and that Elder H. would do just fine with less baked goodies.  She wanted to replace the baking and chocolates, but really, it was the boots that mattered most and Bubba didn't pay any mind to them.  So Taylor and I laughed online together about the whole thing.

The cool thing was that Jenna got her mission call on Thursday (Canada, Winnipeg Mission, reporting Feb. 19th) and we recorded her opening her call and uploaded it to facebook for Cathy to show Taylor.  The Bishop went and picked Elder H. up and took him to their home right away that evening and showed him on the big close to the real deal as you can get from across the country!  I was so grateful for that as Taylor was super excited to be a part of the anticipation of where his little sis would be serving.  They'll be neighbours~  lol  Jenna's mission butts into Ontario and covers all of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Exciting stuff.

So Elder H. has a busy week of moving and new missionaries and new work for the President.  He's looking forward to his new adventure.

He sent his emails today from the Apple Store on an iPad.  So he just HAD to play with the camera, right?!  I'm glad he did.  Don't ever get tired of that face!