Monday, 20 January 2014

AP's get to do their emails early...

Hey mom,

Funny, I was just thinking of werewolves the other day. A bunch of Chinese people know it! I played it in Chinese once at the beginning of my mission. (The Young Single Adults in our ward were playing this fun game last night after Family Home Evening...we used to play it all the time when Taylor was home and the YSA were commenting on how much more fun it is when Taylor is playing with them!)

 I hope Dane is ok, can get over that. I know he is ok. (The other day Dane asked me if Mac was still 'died' in Heaven.  I told him yes and he asked when we get to see him again.  He followed the question with "do we have to wait till we are dead in Heaven, too?"  Then he sighed and put his head down and said "I wish I could be died too.")

Grandma's birthday looks great! Not bad, 70 years old!

This week we were pretty busy. I went on two exchanges, one with Elder Losciale from France/England. Oh ya Nate Aulenbach served in his ward and helped him prepare to go on a mission. And the other one was with Elder Sam Williams, who I lived with my first time in Ottawa. Both were sweet. We have been helping members a lot this week, with moving and we home teach some families too. I just love visiting families and teaching the gospel.

We are teaching a family from Moldova (ya I had to ask where that is too) they speak Romanian, Russian, French and English. They are so awesome and they fed us a traditional Moldovan soup, it was yummy.

We had a Stake Priesthood Meeting last night, it was awesome! The Stake Presidency all gave great talks about keeping our covenants, sanctifying ourselves, and having faith. It was really interesting because President Glowa, the Stake President spoke about having confidence that our prayers will be answered, which really shows faith. It's hard to say all the things the Spirit was teaching us. It was great to feel the unity of all of us together.

Oh and they announced, an Apostle will be coming here to Montreal in March! How cool is that! Can't wait. Hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

Trying on suits...

Looking pretty dapper.  Reminds me of when he tried on those lime green pants in Paris, right Elaine???  And he's kept pretty fit!  It's hard not to gain weight on your mission!  People like to feed missionaries.  ;)

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