Monday, 5 May 2014

Busy Boy!

Good Morning! I would love to go up and visit and speak in Fort Mac. (He arrives in Calgary on the 7th of August and speaks in Cochrane Ward on the 10th and the following weekend in Ft. McMurray!)  So you can do Skype lessons with Jenna? That's awesome! Lew is gonna be stronger than me soon. (Lewis has been working out to prepare for fall football!) Although I did bench 110 this morning! Thanks to consistent morning exercises.

This week went a little something like this.


We had a sweet day of visits. Highlighted of course with a visit to Bernard. He is getting baptized on Saturday. He is so humble, and his prayers so sincere. We also made a cake with Sasha today! We have been more focused on our purpose as missionaries, it has been changing my perspective of the work, and I am finding so much joy. Honestly, I am so happy all the time, people must think I'm crazy, but whatever.


Tuesday we went to the temple again. I learned so much! It really was a great day.


This is where the craziness began this week. We went on three exchanges in three days. I was with Elder Garrett again, who is a champion. We did family history with some people to help them get ready for a temple trip coming up. I love family history. I really want to get into it more, visit with Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Martin etc.


Today we went out to Ottawa. We had time so he visited with old people! It was great to see them again. Nick, Julia, Charles and the gang. It was definitely a special day. Then Elder Messinger and I went about helping people and testifying of the divinity of Christ. That usually makes for an awesome day.


Back to Montreal and this time with Elder Wright. We had a dinner with the Arabiz family from the Philippines. It was awesome, then another visit with Bernard. Elder Wright is a champion.


We finished our exchange at the Ruiz families house, because Elder Fontaine and I both taught them. (Elder Fernandez and Elder Wright are in the area we were in before). Then we had a day packed with visits. Finished again with Bernard. He said he was glad we have been visiting because it has helped him to be less shy. That was really cool to see, the Gospel really does change people, helps us become more like  our Saviour, and feel loved.


Great testimonies at Church! Then had a great ward council! We made assignments for actions to take to help some of the members. It was awesome!

So that's the week in a nutshell. You are the best, love you so much! Have a great week!

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