Monday, 2 June 2014



Great news! Pray that the inspection goes well. (we sold our house and are just waiting for the the home inspection to be completed and the condition waived!) That`s awesome! What does the new house look like? I bet the other people will be happy to. Neighbors to the Nzojibwami`s! Yes!

I`m an Uncle! `faints` (7 Brides for 7 Brothers)
Cool. Hope all goes well with the procedure. (lol  We love the movie 7 Brides for 7 that was a little joke...relating to Kaitlin having a c-section this week, June Taylor will be an Uncle!)

This week flew by! Let me think of the most notable things. We did some service this week, did some painting! I am grateful for the times we painted, gave me the skills necessary to do a good job. Thanks mom.

We helped a member pack things up to move, then he bought us pizza! The slices were huge! We then were going to an appointment and needed to catch the bus. Just as we were coming to the bus, it pulled away. We tried to catch it... going up the steepest hill in town. Needless to say we didn`t make it. But we still had the pizza so it was awesome!

Super cool experience. We were at Church a little early for our District meeting, and were the only ones in the church. I was reading my scriptures while Elder Gonzalez was practicing the organ. It was pretty loud. I had a thought to go and stand by the door on the other side of the chapel. It was kind of weird to get up and go there but I did it. All of a sudden, the phone in the hall rang. I was conveniently located in a position to both hear and go to the phone promptly. I answered and it was a man in the hospital. He asked if he could have someone visit him. We didn`t let this opportunity slip passed us. We went by and visited with him, and it was amazing, he kept complimenting us for being humble, it made us really happy. I found out pretty quickly why I was supposed to be standing by the door.

We taught some lessons in Spanish this week. That was fun. Got to practice Spanish un poco.

Saturday was cool. We had the best lunch with the Russell family, with a delicious chocolate cake. Then Brother Beauregard drove us to Longueuil for the Saturday session of Stake Conference. We helped with a youth activity. It was awesome! I will show you pictures. They made a picture in the parking lot about our beliefs, and filmed it, it should be on youtube in the near future so they can share it with their friends.

So we had a pretty good week. I have been studying the importance of family history. It is so important! And it is really fun. Good section about it in preach my gospel. How have your studies been going?

Hope you have a good week! Love you!

Elder Heinzlmeir

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