Monday, 9 June 2014

He's an Uncle!

I`m an UNCLE!

That is so cool! Being an uncle now. Kinda reminds me that I am almost a quarter century old (as Elder Gonzalez regularly reminds me). I was so happy when Sister Desjourdy called to let me know. Their family is sweet. We had a fantastic week, packed with many awesome experiences.
I`m happy the house sold, that`s great news, most importantly that everyone is healthy (especially Calvin). This is how my week went:


We had Zone Conference in Longueuil, so I got to see Elder Fontaine again. President taught us, it was great! We had dinner with the Kikongi family, they are also awesome. Then read scriptures with Yannick, a member that was baptized about a year ago. Zone conferences are always really inspiring, I received a lot of needed direction. It was a little sad though, because it was my last one. 


Great afternoon lesson in the park with Louise-Elizabeth. Also, the Barrios family for dinner. Good stuff.


Lunch with the Bergeron family, Shepherd`s pie! Met with a member from Iran that hasn`t been out to church in a while. It was a good meeting. I  understand more how it feels when the scriptures say to `have compassion` for someone. He had forgotten most of what he had learned, I hope we can help to rekindle his joy.


We did service for the Salvador family, helping weed their yard, and they had a barbeque with us! Great homemade burgers! Then it was cool because without being asked we started doing dishes. Sister Salvador was pumped, then she asked us to visit her friend! Best way to gain trust... serve!


In the morning, we helped John with some yard work... I got sunburn. He took us out to Subway afterwords. Then we took the family from Central Africa for a tour of the church. It was awesome.


It was our Ward Conference too. Stake leaders all came. Elder Gonzalez and did the sharing time in Primary about priesthood ordinances. Aubert came out with us all day, he is going on a mission  to New York in August. Elder Nzojibwami was here when Aubert was baptized! We taught a Haitian lady and her daughter! Then went to the Desjourdy`s for dinner, as you know. She was so nice to send you all those pictures.

I bought sunscreen today, so don`t worry. Also this week was cool because we kept seeing the Lord`s hand in the work we were doing. Everytime we were just stopped somewhere or walking down the street, we run into people that we needed to see. All these un-coincidental coincidences just show who is in charge. I love that Heavenly Father guides us everyday.

Love you so much!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir 

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