Monday, 23 June 2014

Time for the countdown?

Good Morning!

Everything is going well thanks. We received our transfer calls on Saturday... I will be... STAYING!
Another transfer here in Sherbrooke with Elder Gonzalez... my last transfer. Crazy. I should e-mail next Monday as usual. The young men in our ward are going camping this week too.(I had mentioned that both Lewis and Austin will be going on Young Men's camp next week) I`ll definitely help Lew with that and Preach My Gospel so we can get ready for his mission! Hey I have my box to send by bus, I haven`t sent it because I don`t know where to send it. I guess I should just send it to the new house. I need the address though. Also, I haven`t seen pictures of the new house. Glad that Austin had a good year at school. Good luck with school and tests this week. 


Tacos with Dominic! They were alright, we made them, so I can say that. It was fun though. Played some soccer too. Then we went to Family Home Evening at the church. 


I`m having trouble remembering what we did because I left my old planner at home.

We taught the gospel, visited wonderful people. Helped people feel loved. Went to John`s for breakfast on Saturday (french toast)! Translated at Church yesterday, into English. It was actually a little bit of a slower week, but we are really motivated to find a family ready to accept the Gospel. 

Oh, and yesterday we went to the Moreno`s for Mexican food! It was delicious. 

This week I was studying Chapter 5 in Preach My Gospel about the Book of Mormon. I love the Book of Mormon, it helps me so much to feel the Spirit. It helps me to learn more of our Saviour. It is so important. What a great gift from our Father in Heaven. 

Don`t get me wrong mom, I am pumped to be able to see you. (I was telling him how incredibly excited I am to see him...and I haven't told him much that I miss him or that I can't wait to see him because I didn't want him to be homesick...but now that it's only 6 weeks...I caved!  I told him that it's okay if he doesn't feel the same's got work to do still!) I know I will not have the chance to serve the Lord in this way again, that is what is sad. 

Love you!

Elder Heinzlmeir

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