Tuesday, 2 October 2012

3 or 4 Weeks LEFT at the MTC...


I love the pics! Those are great! Elder Lewis likes the Northern lights one! Today has been pretty good so far. Temple, laundry, little bit of organizing and shopping, Elder Lewis got a hair cut, then we went to the gym.

Pretty average preparation day. Feeling good though! I wish I could print the pictures you sent off so I could show everyone at the sushe (Mandarin for apartment or dorm). Yesterday was really great! Our lesson was super good! Last week I started spacing out in some of our lessons so I was working with my teachers but still wasn't getting far. Then Sunday night after the Fireside we went and watched a talk from Elder Bednar called "Becoming a missionary". In it he said. "If you ever blank in a lesson start to bear your testimony about Joseph Smith and the restoration and the Holy Ghost will fill in the rest! So with that in mind and with a little extra planning our lessons went smoothly! Definitely receiving blessing from the Lord everyday! (Even the hard ones).

So spiritual experience highlight of the week. Last night we were in class and we were pretty out of fucus and I just wasn't feeling the Spirit the way I knew I should so I raised my hand and asked our teacher if we could say a prayer. She agreed and we all knelt down in prayer. The mood became instantly calmer and the Spirit was there and allowed us to have a great spiritual learning experience (We were teaching another district member) and is a testimony to the power of prayer. I know Heavenly Father answers prayers, without a doubt. I'm so grateful for His power and for allowing us to have His Spirit with us.

My Book of Mormon study is going great! In Mosiah and it's looking pretty colorful. I really enjoy having a focused subject of study. Our investigators love the Book of Mormon which really helps develop their faith. It's so important to read and study everyday to provide us with spiritual strength and give us revelation. Church on Sunday was great too! Elder Lewis and I blessed the Sacrament... In Mandarin! Then we got to bear our testimonies! My Chinese is getting better everyday, but still have a way to go.

I think I might be leaving the MTC on the 23rd (not sure if I said this last time) (also this is purely speculation) because the Elder in our older generation that went to Montreal left a week early (My date is supposed to be the 30th) because the French missionaries going to Montreal leave then. Just a heads up, I should know in a week or two for sure.

Also I mailed a Birthday card for Brianna. Tell her Happy Birthday for me!

Other than that... Oh I hosted new missionaries on Wednesday, saw one going to Edmonton, told him to say hi if he goes to Fort McMurray. So if new random missionaries say hi, it's cause I met them. Anyhow... Mostly just been doing the usual study, teach and learn cycle. Pretty good though.

When is Ryan's baptismal date again? (xilihui in Mandarin)

Oh when we taught at the TRC on Saturday we got the same girls we got last week so it was a super good lesson, they shared some great experiences and it was really comfortable. It's important to involve members in missionary work and gain their trust so it's cool that we do that at the TRC. (Unless we teach real investigators, which we have twice now).

Sorry for no new pictures this week, and sorry for not letting you know about the triple bunk bed, and long tie day (my pictures are a little blurry of that one). By the way, I was not in support of the triple bunk. Oh and Elder Lewis got called as new district leader starting next week (because Conference is coming they made the calls a week early), but that means we get to pick up the mail for our district! Best job ever!

Well I gotta run. Lots of love!

Elder Heinzlmeir

For those reading this and haven't seen the picture he's talking about...it's this one.  Great Aurora Borealis the other night!

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