Thursday, 18 October 2012

Best surprise EVER!

Well, a surprise post because today TAYLOR called to talk to me!!!!  Yay!  He got special permission to call home and at first I was feeling a bit nervous thinking something must have gone wrong...but seems that his Mission President requested his presence in Montreal MONDAY...not the 30th...but this coming Monday!!!!  So because his P-days are Tuesday at the MTC and he leaves Monday, we wouldn't have heard from him and that would DEFINITELY leave me worried sick!  In fact, there's no doubt I would be calling the MTC and talking to my friend at the front desk again!

So he's got 2 baptisms Saturday and then he's packing up and catching a plane with a bunch of French speaking missionaries.  Cool stuff.  It will be so exciting to hear from him next time he writes to find out how his NEW adventure is apartment, new companion, new city, new people, new weather...but at least he's heading back to CANADA!  It can't be THAT different....can it?  Stay tuned...and I may actually hear from him on Monday from the airport as they are usually allowed to call home to just confirm with their mommas and pappas that they are truly on their way to the mission field.  That will be a bonus call for sure!  I'm hoping they don't count today's call as his call home...but I'll be okay if it was.  Sort of. ;0)

ps...he spoke to me in Mandarin and I have to say...SO impressed.  I couldn't even tell that he is new at it!  It just rolled off his tongue.  He has worked hard, and it's paying off!  Amazing.


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