Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Suits and Surprises

Well, I picked it up today and it fit great! No pictures though, don't want to give away the big reveal! School is winding down, and as the usual college student feels, every moment is a struggle. Mostly just a struggle to stay awake or pay attention, but struggle none the less. Lindsey and I are getting tired, not just physically, tired of having to FaceTime for communication, we are definitely looking forward to being able to actually be with each other every day. The countdown continues! School work is beginning to be completed as the last day of the semester draws near. It is the common topic among fellow Cougars, and I think three people told me today that "No one is as excited as you to be done!"... I can't help but agree. I love the things we have been learning in my classes, and my teachers are excellent... but marriage is better.

I had the realization today that it is pretty important to be involved with family... not that I didn't know that before, or have not had this exact same epiphany, but I made an effort to reach out. After all, family is number one! I'm grateful for the chance we have to be starting our own family, how cool is that! I guess you never can fully be ready to be married or have kids, etc. but we are in it for the experience. The journey we will travel is unpredictable, challenging, and rewarding! Just have to make it through finals week alive!

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  1. So happy to read this and be able to watch and read about your journey together as you document your own history in the making! So proud of both of you and love you immensely. Your Momma