Sunday, 8 November 2015

Inside Out and all that Jazz

What a week at the Heinzlmeir home! I feel like we had a lot of fun this week, finally able to balance that with our work loads. Lindsey did her usual drive to and from Logan on Tuesday and Thursday, safely I might add. Work was pretty busy, several people moving into the complex where she works. School has been picking up for us both, assignments galore and more midterms around the corner. With all of that we still managed to go to the dollar theatre to see "Inside Out" and went to a Utah Jazz game last night. We had a blast!

Quick review of "Inside Out": one of the best movies this year! In my Behavioural Neuroscience class, people kept referencing the movie, so we figured we should check it out. I love that they used the universal emotions of joy, anger, fear, disgust and sadness (universal in the sense that the facial expressions we use to portray these emotions are consistent across cultures). I also like the fact the the main character, Riley, plays hockey! I would definitely recommend going to see it if you haven't already.

The Jazz game was awesome too, the beat the Grizzlies and we were in the 7th row! Not to mention we had Dippin' Dots for the first time since I was 10 years old. All in all these things made for a pretty good week.

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  1. Please post more often... Im getting tired of reading the same post over and over again... And PLEASE for the love of saint peter... Use more detail.