Monday, 29 April 2013

Busy guy.

Super excited about the wedding this weekend :) Hope it is a blast! I myself will be cleaning the chapel this Saturday, the YSA are doing a spring clean up around the whole chapel, outside and in. Should be fun. 

This past week was really hectic, with Elder Williams going to Montreal, we have had Elder Gamez as our companion! He is super awesome and comes from the South of Spain!(He speaks English, Spanish, French and is learning Portuguese!) We have been so busy covering both of our areas, but it is good. Saturday was all booked, we were literally running back and forth! We found a cool house of Japanese ladies that gave us homemade ice cream! And everything else just fell into place perfectly, it was incredible to see the hand of the Lord in His work. Made for a great week.

We also received our transfer call...... STAYING in Ottawa with Elder Jason, I'm glad because I get to finish his training. :) We have tons of work but it's great! 

Oh another note. We were walking on the street talking to people. A group of 3 people were walking my way so I was like "Hey have you ever met a missionary before?" And a guy stopped and left his friends (They kept walking) to talk with us, we are seeing him later this week. Pretty cool for just opening your mouth right? 

The Dows Lake YSA ward is great. The members give us a ton of food, which is so nice. And they are always willing to help us out.

Well all is well in Ottawa.

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

 Road trip to Montreal from Ottawa.  Boys will be boys.  Sleep, work, play, eat...not necessarily in that order!

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