Monday, 6 May 2013

Tender Mercies

The pictures are fantastic!!! I love them, could you send me some for my picture book? I like the one with all the kids. Grandma and Grandpa are looking good!  You and dad look pretty good too mom! The boys are so cute!  Cali is so cute!  Glad I wore the right tie! (In his video message to Ryan and Kaitlin, he was wearing a blue tie, just like the rest of the guys in the wedding party!) Happy stuff, cool to have a Brother-in-law now. Funny, we actually saw a wedding on Saturday and it reminded me that there was one going on at home.

We have been having great weather here this last week, like mid 20s everyday! Short sleeve season! Just found out Elder Jason's little brother is going to Calgary for his mission! He was going to go to Halifax but he hurt his hand at the MTC and today he is going to Calgary, cool eh?
This week has been incredible, a real week of miracles! The other day we were at the apartment planning, and we had an appointment with a time but said we would call about location, but the number we got wasn't working, so ya we were sitting in the apartment and we thought well lets go to the place we met him to see if he is there. We went, he wasn't there, BUT, we started talking to this lady, and she was being super nice to us, and then she started crying. Turns out she had just recently moved to Ottawa from a really small town in Ontario. She was having a hard time adjusting, especially being away from family. When she lived in the small town, she met missionaries and gave them juice and stuff, so we reminded her of home, and she said it was just what she needed. We were then able to testify that she has a Father in Heaven that loves her and will comfort her. It was a touching moment, and I am so glad Elder Jason and I were able to follow the Spirit and be instruments in the hands of the Lord. This pattern has been reoccurring this whole week! Incredible!
Really cool to see the Lord's hands in the work. Makes me pretty happy :)
Well hope all is well, aka get better soon,
Love Elder Heinzlmeir

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