Monday, 20 May 2013

Busy, good times.

Well this week was an interesting one. For starters, yes President and Sister Cannon leave at the end of June or beginning of July (his mission President and his wife are finished their time and he'll be getting a new President for the area).   Also yes we met Andrew's friend on Sunday, she is the ward pianist.(Andrew Willmott knows a young lady in Taylor's ward in Ottawa!)  Good to hear you are getting healthier.  Can't wait for the calls to come in!(A bunch of friends are heading out on their missions and awaiting their assignments.) Heard about Mitch going to Vancouver with Aaron! I hope he trains him! Super exciting news.

So... this week... well... hmm... many appointments cancelled on us this week, which just meant we got to go out and talk to people! We contacted 399 people last week! We just started counting in the mission to make sure we are on track. We did get to meet with our friend Wilford. We first met Wilford on the street in March, and saw him a few other times, finally got to meet! He is cool, but just moved back to China for the summer.

I think the highlight of the week though has definitely been Friday. Friday was a great day! There was a baptism in our ward for one, a guy the Sisters have been teaching. He is incredible, really changed his life around, and even might serve a mission! So Friday after studies we went to Williams house to eat yummy Chinese food! Then we watched the Restoration with two of his friends.  After some planning we went to the baptism. We had 5 of the people we are teaching come to the baptism! It was unreal!  It was also one of the most spiritual baptisms I have been to on my mission. The speakers were excellent and the atmosphere was right. After the baptism we mingled. One of our friends who came to the baptism...this is his story, very cool.   We were at a park with a few members, as we were leaving there were to guys that came playing Frisbee, we recognized one of them and they asked if we wanted to join them. We agreed and had a great time, we invited them to church afterwards and the one we didn't know accepted! He came to church and loved it! He has such a strong desire to follow the Saviour. After mingling, we watched the Restoration with him as well. It was great! We all felt the Spirit. It brought such a feeling of relief, comfort, and peace. I could see he was feeling it too. He told us he wants to find out for himself by praying! That is all we ask people to do, he gets it! He came to church yesterday as well and stayed for the pot luck. Cool to see because 8 months ago coming from China he had no religion, but has found that God is there and answers our prayers.

Another one of our friends that came to the baptism and church is also so cool. We met him on the street, he was with his friends but left them to talk to us. It was awesome! He understands all we have to teach so clearly, like he has already known them from his experience with the Bible. Just goes to show how beautiful the Words of the Lord are.

Well, hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love you!

Elder Heinzlmeir

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