Monday, 13 May 2013

Great Mother's Day Chat

Mother's Day this year was especially...well, special!
Taylor Skyped with me for a while in the afternoon and it was just perfect.  He's so happy and so funny (as usual) and it was just awesome!

This was his letter for today:


Well seeing as we talked yesterday, not too much to report. But I'll write some thoughts I have been having lately. It seems like on the mission that challenges are always around the corner. I guess it's the Lord's way of testing us, pushing us to the next level. Things get tough and you have no idea how you can overcome, whether it be a personal problem or something with the people we are meeting, but whatever it is once you put it in the Saviour's hands, He lifts you up and makes you stronger. It is really an incredible pattern of personal growth, and helping people find it in their lives. Cool eh?

Still have week points I'm working on, but that's the important thing, I'm working on them. 

I have writer's block now, probably the worst time to have it is Monday's during e-mail time but what can you do right? 

Love you!

Love, Elder Heinzlmeir

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