Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Christmas and all that good stuff.

We were able to talk to Taylor last week on Christmas Day over Skype.  Best day ever.  He is so mature and so grown up!  We are so proud of him.  He has sacrificed his time and energy for a year and a half now, to helping serve others and teach people about our Saviour.  He has brought so much happiness to the lives of so many...that even those slammed doors...well, it's all okay.  Well, as the mom, I wish people wouldn't be slamming doors on him, but the big picture is what's important.  He has only 7 months left on this part of his journey and he thinks that's too short!  He loves it so much.  Taylor, thank you for blessing our lives with your service to others and your love for people in general!  And thanks for making us laugh as you acted out some of the reactions of people when you randomly ask them if they speak Chinese (in Chinese...lol).  Priceless...I mean you can imagine...a 6' 2" white guy blurting out that question...it definitely stops people in their tracks!

Here's his letter for this week.

Hey mom,

I am so eager to hear Jenna's call, that would be sweet if I can watch it at the Piper's. (Been waiting patiently for Jenna's mission call and wouldn't you know it, we haven't even gotten ANY mail delivered for almost 2 weeks...so she called today and they are putting in a special note to make sure we get our mail tomorrow so I'm hoping it arrives and video her opening and then send it to his Bishop's wife...he's eating supper there on New Year's Day so he can watch the video of her opening while he's there.)  

Ya so Ben and Delphine and Egide and Beatrice (our wonderful friends from Cochrane) were all at Church on Sunday! They went to the ward before ours, and we were at Church early, so we saw them. It was so great. Beatrice was reminding me how amazing you are mom! It was funny, Ben taught a lesson with us in Chinese! They are just visiting and going to Montreal today. Totally random to have seen them. When I saw Beatrice, she was talking with someone, she looked up and I waved, and she just kinda noticed, then she did a double take and her eyes got so wide! It was awesome. She said I got thinner.

I love the pics! They are so pro! The Christmas tree is beautiful! And everyone in their scrubs is sweet. (Got everyone scrubs this year for their Christmas Eve jammies...including Taylor).

Christmas dinner was great, we decided on Korean after all and had this great food, that comes on these hot metal plates so it is sizzling when it arrives. We went with Steve and Charles and we texted everyone Merry Christmas and someone we met on the street says he didn't have anything to do on Christmas and he felt lonely so we invited him, and he came too! This week was pretty slow missionary work wise, with people being gone and what not. We still had tons of meaningful experiences. We had 6 friends come to Church yesterday, and got fed by a super cool member named Rex. Oh I remember something sad. Our friend Lei Xin, we have been teaching for a few months, and he moved to Windsor on Saturday, so we ate with him on Thursday night. 

Have a Happy New Year!
Love Elder Heinzlmeir

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