Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Well, Taylor has been pretty neglectful of his blog...but now this site will see some action as I (his Momma) will be posting letters he sends from his Mission and pictures too!  So check-in often to see how's he's doing.  We're going to miss him so much...physically...but at least we'll still be able to communicate weekly so that's the goal...weekly updates for all to see.

Here's his address from August 15th until sometime in October, which of course will be posted when the time comes (the new address in Quebec).

Elder Taylor Jordan Heinzlmeir
MTC Mailbox # 98
CAN-MON 1030
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

If you go to dearelder.com, and then click on the "Write a Letter" tab and choose the drop-down tab and hit Provo and then type in the CAN-MON 1030 for his Mission code and Box 98 for the Mailbox number.  This system is an email message delivery system for the Elders while they are at the MTC...and in his case about 3 months as he learns to speak Mandarin and all the other good stuff he needs to know.

He hopes to hear from everyone as often as possible to keep those 'home' connections going.  Thanks ahead of time to all of you who care and have taken the time to check-in with T...'er, I mean Elder Heinzlmeir, as he is officially, official now.

Lewis made Taylor a concoction of treats as a farewell gesture with candles..with random numbers...lol
And, yes, I made that goofy face on purpose...kind of "boo hoo I'm gonna miss my boy" look...

Taylor saying farewell to a copule of our favourite guys...Elder Willmott (from Ontario--going home in a couple weeks!) and Elder Atkinson from Utah!  Love all these great men!

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