Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Hey mom,

Thanks for all the updates, the kitchen looks great! Cool new look. (sent him pictures of the reno) That's cool about dance, (filled him in on all the kids' dance lessons and Jenna's 2 jobs she's cramming in to earn heaps of $$$ for her mission and school) Jenna must be dead doing all of that! Hope Grandpa is ok. (my dad hit a giant moose going to work a couple weeks ago...on the airport road going only 35 km/hr--came right through his Cadillac windshield and in his face...he had to push it out and it fell and staggered off in the bush!  Gramps is shaken badly, but physically fine.  It was a miracle for sure!) 

The apple store is closed so we are at the sony store. We had a pretty great week. 2 of the boys from the miracle family came to church! It was amazing! They loved it, and the Spirit was so strong.

We did an exchange with the Spanish Elders, always a good time. Elder Fontaine and I are two peas in a pod. We get along so well, which is great. teaching is a breeze. We had a miracle last night too! We were knocking doors a few days ago and came across a nice Hatiian lady, she said come back tomorrow. When we came back, her daughter was there, but she also said come back tomorrow when her husband is home. The next day we went back again, and none of them were home, it was the cousin, she said come back tomorrow. So finally last night we went, and three of them were home, we had a great lesson, really following the Spirit. They are great and really interested in doing what God wants them to do. We are visiting tonight again!

Thanks for the quilt again mom, it keeps me warm at night. It is starting to get chilly. 10 today.

Well everything else is tickety-boo. (a phrase from my grandparents...passed down all the way to our kids!) Hope everything continues to go great! Love you!

Love, Elder Heinzlmeir

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