Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Teaching, teaching, teaching.

Hey mom!

Oh yes, because of Labour Day our preparation day changed to today. Made for a very productive day yesterday. I had so many things to talk about but I am forgetting them. Lets see, oh yes transfers! We received our transfer calls on Saturday... I am staying in Hochelaga! As for my companion... Elder Yunack has been transferred. He is going to Monterey, which is a Spanish Branch here on the island, so I will see him still :) My new companion will be Elder Fontaine! He is from France! We came in at the same time. It is sad that Elder Yunack is leaving, but such is mission life. We have had a great three months together. A lot of great experiences, a lot of fun and work. 

Transfers will be tomorrow. Then we have a Zone Training Meeting on Thursday, thats where we give trainings to all the missionaries in our Zone, which is 28 now! Pretty excited for that.

So we taught the Louis-Jean family yesterday, so Elder Yunack could say good-bye. We had a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation. They are so great! They have a date to be baptized on the 28th of this month, so we will see if they are ready for then. That would be cool.
We also taught Eddy again! The one we walked by 4 times then took a Book of Mormon. He is sweet! He accepted to be baptized on the 12th of October if he is ready! SO excited for the work in our area, Elder Fontaine and I are going to keep it up! 

What else is new, we went to the Bishops for dinner, and it was so fun, our Bishop is a young French man, and loves missionary work, he actually served his mission here 10 years ago. He really does a lot to support us and gets the ward behind him. I love when we can be unified as a ward to do missionary work! 

Speaking of... President Patrick has just given us these "Our Family Mission Plan" sheet, they are super cool, the goal is to teach someone in our home, and the plan is up to the family, maybe you could give it a try?

Love you so much! 

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

Lol.  This is a funny pic.  Someone who really doesn't want to talk the Jehova Witness folks...at least Taylor's not one of them!  Wonder if they let him in. ;o)
Reminds me of a sign we saw beside the front door of a cabin we rented (well, on the owners house beside the cabin we rented) that said "Chien Bizzare!"  For non-French folks, the above sign in English would be 'no Jehova Witnesses', and chien bizzare would be 'strange dog'.  Which could be a joke...like "A crazy dog lives here", or "Our dog is bizzare and crazy so watch yourself."

I love this shot.  Good thing there was no traffic at that moment!

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