Monday, 14 October 2013

New stuff.

Hey Mom,

Week was really great! First of all, I live with Elder Jules, he is Elder Laboulaye's companion. (A guy from Calgary who just arrived in the same mission as Taylor) My companion is Elder Mataoa! He is from the Gold Coast, and grew up in Tahiti! Yes, another island companion! He is great, and so is his Chinese. It is cool to be back in Dow's Lake. Saw Kyle again, and they invited us over for Thanksgiving. We have been walking around the University, looking for the Chinese students. There are so many. We already have a group of people to teach.

On another note, Elder Smith is training again, maybe he will be with Elder Pilling! That would be sweet!

Oh and I talked to Sister Piper and she told me that the McAteer's are moving back up, that's so cool. It's a small world.

Saturday Elder Mataoa and I got permission to go back to Montreal for the baptism of Jhonel and Diny, the family I was teaching in Montreal. It was so amazing! The Spirit was there so strong, I know it is right. The opportunity we have to make a covenant with our Heavenly Father is so great.

I feel like I'm spoiled, I get the best area, I live with the coolest missionaries, life is great!

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