Monday, 25 March 2013

The Capital!

Hey! How is everything going?

Had a great first few days in Ottawa! Ottawa is cool! And ya I met Ben, Sister McAteer's brother.  He is the second counselor in the ward! And Kyle is awesome! He is feeding us tomorrow! YSA is pretty fun although we just met the members yesterday. Before that we were just under the radar searching for people to teach! We found a few, but it is pretty tough. Church was great too, really uplifting talks, maybe because they were in English and I could understand everything. Can't say the same for my companion though, his native language is French and Creole... he is from Guadeloupe in the West Indies!!! How cool is that! We are having a blast, although pretty exhausted from all the knocking...but one door we knocked on, there was a man who was so happy we knocked!  He wants to know everything he can about the gospel and is so grateful we found him! 

Ottawa has lots of cool buildings, can't wait to check out Parliament Hill! I do like it, it feels more like home than Montreal :P I miss the Chinese branch but we have Chinese members in the Ward! They are so cool! I'm lucky to still be able to practice my Chinese! :)  

We live with Elder Williams (yay!) and Elder Gamez, they are so fun, and really good examples to us.   They have been helping us adjust to the new area. Not easy going from scratch but I really feel like I'm working.

Cool to hear about Lew! (I just updated him on Lew's piano skills!)  He is already better than me at piano! And cool that they say hi, I say hi back to Ania and Sedg. (A friend at UBC msg'd Jenna to pass on a 'hello' to Taylor as she came across some missionaries on campus that were handing out copies of The Book of Mormon and made her think of him!  Mr. Sedgwick passed on a 'howdy' to T. as well...he teaches Jenna Social AP and Lewis next year--he had Taylor for a couple years before he graduated).  That would be cool to knock into Murray (Dennis has a cousin that lives in Ottawa with his family).  I know in Montreal some missionaries knocked into the uncle of a former missionary here. Small world eh?

I hope all is well for everyone in the Mac!

All is well in the Capital. Lots of Love!

Elder Heinzlmeir

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