Monday, 3 June 2013

There's always something about food!

Hey week went.. pretty amazing actually. I miss Reg, lol. (I just filled him in on some recent 'Reggie-isms')Ya I'll try to check it out, we have a bunch of Ensigns so I can look for it. (Just mentioned a Conference talk I re-listened too that was excellent.) Transfers are the 12, we get the call on Saturday! Crazy how fast it has gone by! Anything could happen really so next week I can let you know. That's super cool that you are getting the Family History stuff up and running.(I've started a Family History Night for ladies that is starting next week). So cool to find our history! I love it. Can't believe Nate gets home, I remember him leaving. Feels like not too long ago. Time flies by out here, and everyone says the second year is faster. Yikes! 

But ya this week. We talked to a lot of people, had a lot of time to contact. We met some really nice people. I love people that take a minute to talk with us in the street. Also this week I went to Orleans (kinda like the Sherwood Park of Ottawa) on splits with Elder Rangel. He is originally from Vera Cruz, Mexico, but moved to Montreal 3 years ago. He is super fun, and we went to a family's house for dinner. The first time on my mission! Crazy eh? But also cool because Sister Larson is actually from Barnwell and my friend Luke in Guatemala is also from there, so we knew a bunch of people in common. It was cool being on the flip side, being the missionary in a families home. Cool stuff, probably won't have too many experiences like that on the mission. I'll just have to find some cool Chinese families when I go back to Montreal. The next day we volunteered at Ottawa Mission again, it's super fun getting to serve the food.

This last weekend was super busy, but awesome! We ate with a member and his roommate, they made us great Chinese food! Then Friday night we went to Gatineau Park with Bryan! It was so beautiful! Bryan is great, his baptism is this Friday, can't wait! He even shared his testimony at Church yesterday!  Saturday was also full of lessons, got some good help from the members too. Blair and Jasen both helped us out. Which is cool because they have both been baptized within the last 2 months. 

Yesterdays testimony meeting was just incredible. Bryan's testimony was so cool to hear, and everyone was like woah who is this guy? His baptism is going to be great! I really felt the Spirit through the meetings yesterday. And Elder Jason and I are becoming better teachers every day! I LOVE being a missionary!

Have a fagulous week!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

And some of the beautiful things in and around Ottawa!

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