Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Mandarin, Mandarin and more Mandarin

We are pretty busy as usual. A lot of classes, a lot of study but I love it! Elder Nzojabwami left today but I got a picture with him yesterday! It's crazy that we reported the same day and he is already gone! I'll send some more pictures next week. I tried to take some artistic pictures of the temple. I hope you like them! I ran into my friend Elder Oliver the other day! We were in the same ward in Edmonton. And my Elders Quorum President's little brother is here. It's crazy finding connections to people! Today we went to the temple again. I love going every week! Othere highlights... Every night, on our way to our residence hall, we stop missionaries and bear our testimony to them in Mandarin! A few nights ago we stopped some French missionaries and I understood everything they said! It was pretty cool, I'm quite confident however they knew nothing of what I said. But that's alright the spirirt was there and was strong. Then some Italian speaking missionaries stopped us! I love hearing everyone's testimonies. There are so many languges here! It really is incredible!

We also went to the TRC (teaching resource centre) for the first time on Saturday. We teach volunteers and it was so cool cause they give us feedback on how to improve.

What else.. Oh we have workshops every Wednesday and the trainers are so good! Always an uplifting experience. We do service Monday morning, which is just cleaning the classroom buildings. I am also auditioning this Thursday with some Elders in my zone to sing at a fireside, we are doing an arrangement of "Come Thou Fount" I'm so excited! We sound pretty good (The Elder in charge is a piano major and a fantastic singer, really cool Elder). I play a lot of volleyball during gym time. They have a huge outdoor sand pit with 6 courts. Althought this week I've started working out. I'm at 180 so down a little from before I left actually. But don't worry we are being fed.

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

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