Monday, 14 January 2013

Happy Days.


I haven't used FaceBook in 6 months, there is a life outside of the computer! Isn't it incredible! lol Ya Amber is great! She took us out to Hot Pot last week... yummy yummy! (I went off fb for now as it is too distracting sometimes and full of stuff I really don't care to see/read...and Amber is a wonderful woman that keeps me updated on Taylor...extra pictures etc. and just keeps tabs on him for me and is a wonderful friend!)

Haha Love hearing about the kids, I love them so much! What a boy that Reg, I loved the pics they sent! I LOVE the way Reggie draws people! XD
I'm glad I made his cut!(Reggie said to me the other day "Mom, I wish there was just one Mom and Dad and one kid."  When I asked him why...his response:  "Then no one can bother me."  So I continued to mention all the other kids and how it would be terribly lonely for him..."Well, okay, how about Taylor, Jimmy, Dane and me?"  Well, Lewis found out he didn't make the 'cut'...although at home, Lew is Reggie's favourite person...and he just had to I told Taylor he made it and that he could go ahead and enjoy his popularity vote--and I'm pretty sure it's not just a case of 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' as Taylor just seems to have that affect on everyone, all the time!)

Well this week has been GREAT!!! Soooo we had a baptism in our branch on Saturday! He Lan was baptized! It was super special! Elder Shaver baptized her! Why a baptism out of no where you ask? Well He Lan had to go back to China suddenly, but really wanted to be baptized, so we met everyday, taught her, and got her ready! It was an incredible experience and one I am sure I will remember forever! She is great! She might be back in 6 months or so. 

Sunday was also incredible! It is Elder Bell's last sunday, he goes home on Wednesday! Crazy that my trainer is leaving. He spoke in Church, it was really heart felt and moving. Not only that but we had almost 70 people and Church! The highest I have ever seen! It was definitely a miracle! The Branch is growing for sure!(Members of the church are divided geographically into 'wards' or groups.  Sometimes one Chapel holds 4 different services on Sundays to accommodate large numbers of members in an area--they meet at different times staggered throughout the day (Sunday).  Each Ward is named or numbered and as soon as the membership grows in that Ward, it usually splits again.  If there are fewer members in an area, it is referred to as a Branch as opposed to a larger Ward.  A Branch will turn into a Ward once the membership reaches a certain number.  Taylor serves in an area right now where there is a Branch...but it sounds like it's growing and will certainly turn into a Ward at some point in the future!)

We also met a really awesome guy named Song! We met with him twice, then he came to church. He is great! He wants to visit the Sacred Grove and is super excited to be baptized! (The Sacred Grove is an historical site preserved by the church and represents an important and special part of our history.  It is open to anyone to visit and is a beautiful place to see!  It is located in Palmyra, NY --upstate New York.)

All in all, I'd say it has been a great week! 

Love you!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir!

City Hall and Cabane à Sucre

Juliette et Chocolat

A funny sign he just had to take a picture of..I do is funny!

He Lan's baptism

Université de Montréal

Schwarz (famous Montreal restaurant) 'yum' he says!
And again...I'd have to agree that it looks very 'yum' from here!

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