Monday, 11 February 2013

Pig Feet?


Thanks for the cool quotes mom! Those are great, I will keep them in mind! 

Can't believe you are already going to Africa! Have a wonderful safe adventure! And take lots of pictures, especially of the wild giraffe!

And say Happy Birthday to the twins before you leave!

This week was pretty cool, we were really struggling to find new people to teach, but we worked hard, then on Tuesday, we found like 5 new people interested! It was incredible! Also it was Chinese New Year! The party was great. So many people came! Then last night a couple we are teaching fed us to the brim with real Chinese food... and I ate PIG FEET!! Not my favourite :P But better than the dough balls from November with Elder Bell. 

I love all the little miracles that happen everyday. Last week I studied Mosiah and was really struck by something Abinabi said in Chapter 13 verse 7. He is talking to the priests of King Noah, and calls them out for not practicing what they preach. He says something like "How can they teach when they do not understand, when they do not live it?" It got me thinking how important it is to be obedient, to live the Gospel so that I can really teach it. I'm grateful for everything you have taught me, especially to follow the Saviour.

Well have a beautiful week, and a great trip!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

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