Monday, 4 February 2013

A spiritual giant.


Haha nice title lol. I'm glad people like the blog, it would be funny if no one was reading it :P (I told him what the title of the last entry was.)

I can't believe you are going to Africa! That is too cool! Can't wait to see the pictures! 

Tell Dane I say Happy Birthday!

Cool about the Apple school, I think I'll get an iPad for school.(Our youngest 5 are attending a school that is implementing iPads for each child.  You have to purchase them, but they are discounted and warrantied.  Each kiddo will have their own and it will be the primary tool for learning...not sure how it will go, but they're giving it a try.)

Thank you so much for the coat! Sometimes this one is too hot :P Especially as it will be warming up soon. 

This week was pretty good. We ate dinner at Elder and Sister Cannon's house (Presidents Dad and his wife) with Amber and her friend Annie! It was great! Amber does a great job of taking care of us! Other than that it has been a usual week. Kinda stressful with people not answering their phones and stuff but I am definitely becoming more patient! Oh ya and I went on splits(a term used when 4 Elder's split up from their usual companion and pair off with another for a teaching appointment etc.) with Elder Laboulaye, so I was back downtown, where I was with Matthew. We had a great time together, knocking doors and the like. And also this week our English class went great! We started this new program developed by the Church. Two people stuck around after class and we gave them a tour! We are seeing them both later this week! Pretty excited about that!

It is pretty fun being a missionary. I love the hour of personal study we get in the mornings! The other day I read Mosiah 2 (for those of you who don't know, Mosiah is a prophet in the Book of Mormon--which is a record of the people who lived in the Western Hemisphere before/during/after Jesus' birth/life/death.  The Book of Mormon is a companion to the Bible, not a different Bible or new Bible as some people may think.  It's a great book to read!) and really thought of it like it was King Benjamin speaking to me and I was really impressed by verse 41. It says to "consider the blessed and happy state" of the people who keep God's commandments. And it is so true! I know everyone is happier when we follow these commandments and become like Jesus Christ. I thought of missionary work in a new way. We invite people to be like the Saviour, and it is like going up to people and saying "I know how you can get an A on your test" and them saying "How?" Then I say "Study!" The answer is obvious and maybe not what they were hoping for but it is true. The same thing with happiness. I know where to find ultimate happiness forever, where?, the Saviour! It is obvious but it is up for people to choose, if they don't study they will have to live with the mark they get. (Another note for those who may be in our church seek out those people who are truly looking for 'something' of a spiritual nature...maybe answers to questions that they haven't been able to answer...they respond to internet requests for a Book of Mormon, or visit from the missionaries--or a request for a Book of Mormon through the mail and just meeting people as they are out and about.  They do knock on doors sometimes and believe it or not, many, many people have been so grateful that the missionaries have knocked on their door!  Most of the time, people are not thrilled with 2 young men in suits knocking, but that's okay, if they're not interested, the boys move on.  They don't 'sell' religion or try to 'convert' people.  They simple share a message for those who are interested and then it's up to that person to find out for themselves if it is true through studying the scriptures and praying, and asking God to know for themselves!  I'm so glad that Taylor is excited to share this message, despite having doors slammed in his face many times!  So next time the Mormon Missionaries knock on your door, please be gentle...and if you're not interested in listening to their message, they would be happy to serve you in anyway you may shovelling snow or building a fence!)  They're just young men on a 'mission'!  ;o)

Anyhow, I love you lots! 

Have a great week!

Love, Elder Heinzlmeir

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