Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Veal what?


Glad you made it to Africa safely! Thanks for the stories about Reg, they are awesome! What a kid.

This week was great! We kept busy, and our hard work is paying off. This next week we have a lot of great things set up too! We are also working on getting a member work fireside going to help our members. The branch is doing great! I'm so happy to be in the Mandarin Branch, transfers are coming up Saturday though... I hope I stay in the branch. Other than that things are pretty normal. Really learning a lot. 

Well I officially ate the weirdest thing on my mission...... VEAL BRAINS!!!(Okay, besides looking very strange, I'm wondering if he was told that is was called Veal Brains...I mean, veal is from a calf, so is it calf brains?) It actually wasn't too bad, I mean not great, doesn't really have any flavour, and has a very strange texture. But cool nonetheless. 

And we have been cleaning are apartment so well! A clean home is a happy home!

Can't wait to see pics from Africa!! Have a great week!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

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