Monday, 10 March 2014

Today we had a 'chat'.

Today I was online at the same time as Taylor so we were able to chat.  So his letter was our conversation.  I'll just put some highlights:

  • when I asked him if he really ate the duck egg, this was his response:  "ya, the whole thing :) you have to slurp the liquids inside first, with a little salt it isn't that bad"
  • My response:  "That's sick T."
  • I asked if he will stay an AP (Assistant to the President) for the rest of his mission and he said "haha, ya, i'm not that picky anymore, just sort of. I don't think so, President said last week that we probably won't finish as AP's, so I will have one more area, for like a month in the summer."
  • He said he has been traveling quite a bit lately.  He went on split offs in Laval and in Ottawa so he was able to attend the baptism of a man he taught when he was there.
  • Elder Lopez and I were kept quite busy this week. We made real tacos again, and went to the Moldovan family for dinner. 
  • "I have new ideas of what I want to do in my life"...I'm going to start an international non-profit organization to help children and families"
  • Then I asked him if he's speaking Spanish and he said "si, un poco, y tu mama, hablas espanol? Sabado, fuimos a una baby shower de una miembro de la barrio espanol. Come muchas commidas."  And I even know what he said as I've been learning Spanish too!
And that was it in a nutshell...she were back and forth with other things like him buying some new shoes and pants etc...which I figured didn't need to be highlighted for this post!  But he is super happy, the weather is warming up in's not 'ben frete' anymore (very Quebecois for very cold outside).  He still speaks all of his languages...and all is well!

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