Monday, 3 March 2014

A week at a glance...

Hey Mom,

Hope you had a great week! Mine was pretty good. Thanks for Jen's emails, and Bill's email, that was so nice of him! There was a typo on the church website, President isn't leaving. I was fasting about the house too, hope it sells, and you can find a new one. I hope Jamie goes on a mission, it's the best! It is so strange to see Jenna as a missionary, but it is totally awesome! Sister Training Leader, I'm not surprised. She's a champ. Speaking of winter stuff, I will probably send you my stuff when the snow melts. It's all quite bulky. Love the pics! I need to send you more. I have been neglecting my camera lately.

Monday Elder Lopez got his bag stolen out of the back seat of our car. We were parked at the church, and someone came and stole it. It had his camera and his new scriptures in it. Pretty stressful, but we are doing OK. Oh and he just bought the bag too. We went to the Ormeno family for FHE that night, the gave us great Peruvian food.

I've had some inspiration for the future. I'm going to start a non-for-profit organization to help children and families around the world. What would I need to study to do that?

Tuesday I went to Longueuil (just south of Montreal) with Elder Garrett on exchanges. He is a great missionary! He came in the same time as President Patrick, and just got transferred to be a Zone Leader. It was cool, he had many great questions! We taught some Quebecois Rockstars. Lol.

Wednesday we had our Zone Training Meeting, focused on working with members and how to de-stress. Useful stuff. We also had an FHE with Kenny. He is a member in our ward, we are helping him come back to church. He showed us his radios, which was pretty neat.

Thursday, we visited some new members, and some returning ones. It was cool because they both came to church on Sunday!

Friday we had Mission Leadership Council, basically the Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders and Assistants all sit in a room with President and make plans to help the missionaries with current concerns. It is always a great time. Then we ate pizza! I went back to Ottawa on another exchange with Elder Pehrson. He is about three months older than me on the mission. We had great discussions about how to study the gospel, and how much it really has helped us. I mean, honestly, people are always wanting their lives to improve. They want to be happier, that is a fact. The thing most people don't realize, is to be happier requires a change, but they are comfortable where they are and are scared to change. The answer is right here, but we get rejected because others can't see that, they just see us as crazy people that want to force religion down their throats. When in reality, we want to help empower then to change their lives, and use the Saviour's Atonement to improve their quality of life. Elder Pehrson is great.

Saturday we had taco night wit the Lungu's, and the family we teach from Moldova. Elder Lopez taught us how to make real Mexican tacos. It was awesome! Then we had a great lesson on the power of prayer. Super night!

Yesterday, like I mentioned, some of the people we are helping came to church! They seemed to have had a good time. Then we had sushi with Victor! We are working with him to get to the temple, so we can go with him.

That's the week in a nutshell. Hope you have a great week! Love you lots!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

Balut is the Filipino term for fertilized duck (or chicken) eggs that contain a nearly developed embryo. They are a common food and are eaten as a snack and prepared similarly to hard boiled eggs, served with salt.  That's what he's attempting to eat...

A cool composition...Montreal from Mount Royal

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