Monday, 24 February 2014

Obedience to the max

Hey mom,

Glad to hear you are feeling better! That is so cool Jenna is at the MTC. I love the MTC. Too bad she will only be there for two weeks. What's her email? And what's Austin's address, I've written him a letter but don't know where to send it.

Tell the boys Happy Birthday, I forgot to say that last week.

This week was pretty interesting.

We had a couple of Family Home Evenings on Monday, our ward mission leader is from Peru, and we went to his family's house. They made us yummy Peruvian food!

Tuesday we got everything ready and went to pick up the new missionaries, two Elders and two Sisters. They all came no problems. Then we got to have dinner with the Patrick's. Yes!

We had transfers, good to see so many missionaries together. Then we went on member exchanges with the bishopric.

Thursday we also had a day full of visits. We visited Sasha, he was born in Afghanistan, and lived in the Ukraine. He made us a zucchini omelet. It was really good. Then we went on visits with our Elders Quorum president. He is a champ, and from Colombia. I don't remember if I told you or not, but our ward is like the UN. We have people from everywhere! Ghana, Italy, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, France, England, and the Philippines, just to name a few. It's like serving a mission everywhere at the same time!

Friday we had pho with Cedric. I don't know if I have told you about him yet. He was my very first dinner appointment, back with Elder Bell. He is from Vietnam, but has been living here for a long time. He is on the High Council, and he just spends all his time with the missionaries! We go out with him often, in fact, he is coming out with us tonight.

Saturday was another great day, we made four visits with three different member families. So we are kept pretty busy.

Yesterday was super cool. On Saturday we ran out of wiper fluid, and forgot to fill up with gas and get some. Sunday came and we realized our mistake, and were quite worried because we knew we would be driving to Trois-Rivieres later, which is an hour and a half drive, and we really wanted to keep the Sabbath Day special, and not go buy some. At church, we asked the other Elders if they had any fluid, nope. Then Dave and Courtney Brule (an awesome new couple in the ward, they came out with us on Saturday) told us they have a gift for us. After Church we went outside, they pulled up in there car and said "This is for you!" and handed us a jug of wiper fluid! We were speechless! Heavenly Father was definitely watching out for us. We were so grateful. Part two, we went to Trois-Rivieres to pick up a missionary who has a doctors appointment in Vermont today, he was staying with us last night. We went and as we were coming back, we were watching our gas, to our dismay, the light for gas turned on halfway home. We figured we made it this far, we should be fine. And we made it on fumes. Didn't have to buy anything on Sunday. It was awesome.

The talks at church were great too. They were all about Family Home Evening, the importance of having it, and the blessings that come. I am grateful we had Family Home Evenings, and I know they helped me feel closer as a family. Thanks mom and dad!

Well, have a good week! Good luck with the buying and selling the house!

Love you!

Elder Heinzlmeir

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