Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Quebec Countryside

Hey! Glad you made it!

That is so cool that Jenna is a missionary now too! I'm so happy! 

Anna was a misionary here, we were in the same district for about 6 months. Haha she is the real legend, she is from Terrebonne which is just north of here. She finished here mission 6 weeks ago. We were having a zone conference, and she came to the church for a meeting, it was funny seeing a return missionary from here. Everyone was super surprised. She is pretty cool. (Anna added me on Facebook and we've had a couple conversations.  She is awesome and mentioned in one of her messages that Taylor is a 'Legend' in the mission and amazing and all that good stuff that a mom loves to hear!)

I remember getting to the MTC and them saying "oh Elder Heinzlmeir great that you are here!" I was thinking 'how do they know me?' It's good tro have someone drop her off. (Just reminiscing about his trip to the MTC and how I called at the end of the day to make sure he arrived safely...but this time Josh Palsky is picking Jenna up from the airport and taking her to grab a bite to eat, because she will have not eaten since 4 am...and then they are going to CALL me so I know she made it safe and sound...and then he will drop her off at the MTC.  It's so great of him to do this as it takes the anxiety out of the picture for her...and me!  Thanks Josh!)

Dad already starts his job?! That's great. Hopefully you can get down there soon. The missionaries can help move. (Dennis starts his new position in Calgary this Tuesday as well...while I stay behind and sell the house...and we will have movers...so the missionaries can have this one off, lol...look at him...offering up the services of the missionaries in Airdrie even...a true man of service! lol)

President Patrick told me something comforting. He said, "serve a mission, the Lord will take care of your family better than you can". It was really reassuring to me.

Monday we planned transfers, we were in the office for 11 hours. It was awesome though! So far one of the most spiritual meetings I have been to. What a special opportunity. I am very grateful to have been able to participate in that. Speaking of transfers, I am staying! Big surprise there, and Elder Lopez is too, which is great, he is awesome! 

Tuesday we had a Zone Conference just south of Montreal, in LLongueuil. It went great, then we visited a lady to give her a blessing, the member that came with us, Dave Brule, invited us over for dinner afterwards. It was great! They are a new couple in the ward, but he was in Ottawa YSA when I was there! 

Thursday we had Zone Conference in Quebec. It is a beautiful city. Rolling hills, not anything quite like the foothills or the Rockies, but its nice. It was cool having the opportunity to see it. That night on the way home, we stopped in Drummondville, which is a city where Elder Lopez served before, and we visited someone he had previously taught there. It was great!

Friday we had a normal-ish day. I was pretty tired from travelling and also a little frazzled, but luckily prayer works! Just got down on my knees for a while, and I felt much better. That night we visited Toshonna and Jermaine. I love going over to their place, we go every Friday night. They are getting ready to come back to church. We have very powerful meetings with them. We taught about Faith. I love teaching the Gospel. It reaffirms my beliefs as I do.

Saturday we made some visits and called the Zone Leaders with the transfer calls. There are 8 missionaries in the ward I am serving in, and we are all staying the same this transfer.

Sunday was just a wonderful day.  It is great to see peoples desire to serve and help others. We then visited an sister in the ward. We brought the Sacrament to her because she wasn't able to make it to Church. It was so peaceful as we administered the Sacrament. I am so grateful for our Saviour and His example. She had prepared a wonderful meal for us, real Italian food! It was delicious. Better than anything I make.

Overall a good week. Not too cold, pretty busy, great comapny, and good news. Hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

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