Monday, 10 February 2014

This and That, cuz I'm running out of titles for his letters, lol.

Hey mom,

Wow, so many changes! That's incredible. Speaking of anxiety, (just chatting about the anxiety that comes as Jenna is preparing to leave...for her and for the mamma!) we have this book called Adjusting to Missionary Life. It is to help adjusting to change and managing stress. It is awesome! You should ask the Elders if they have a spare copy. I use it all the time. It has great advice.

Amber is teaching the Jarvis' (a couple in my ward) Chinese, so I gave her the book we used at the MTC. He is on the High Council, assigned to the Chinese Branch. (A friend of his in Montreal who I chat with on fb occasionally--she lets me know how he's doing when she sees him.)

Do you have a copy of her talk? I would love to read it. (Jenna gave an amazing talk on Sunday.)

Dad got the job! That's great! I guess I will be flying into Calgary, woah. I am super excited! U of C is definitely my number one choice. (Dennis got a position in the Calgary Jacobs office so we will be moving very soon...for real...back home.  Very exciting.)

Don't worry about people calling you strong. (I guess I should update my own blog on the events of the past 3 weeks...a routine surgery turned bad and I was air lifted to Edmonton for repair and recovery...and I was telling T how I did not feel strong at all as it was probably the worst physical trial I've ever had and that it kinda bothers me when everyone says 'you'll be fine because you're a strong woman'...I just told him I really am not that strong...but I know people mean well.)  Just remember Alma 26:12. Great scripture, check it out. The Lord is their to lift us up, to strengthen us when we are weak, to comfort us in times of trial. He loves us. Plain and simple. Tell President Garside I say thank you and I love him! Glad Josh is picking her up. (Family friend who lives in Provo is picking Jenna up from the airport and taking her directly to the MTC so she doesn't have to worry about finding the shuttle that takes the new missionaries less thing to worry about and it will be so great to see a familiar thanks Josh!) The shuttle even freaked me out.

This week, I went back to Ottawa for an exchange this week and we had two zone conferences. We give trainings at each zone conference. Our training is about the importance of planning. I love giving trainings! This week we will have three more zone conferences. Then transfer calls. This one has been fast. Time is whizzing by. I got word that the Sisters from my district at the MTC are finished their missions. CRAZY!

We felt we haven't taught Joe well enough so we are pushing his date back to March. It is so important that anyone be well prepared for baptism, so that they can have a meaningful experience.

In a nut shell, everything is fine and dandy. Keep me posted on the house hunt. I've also been doing some family history! Why are there two names for grandma's dad? Which one do I use? Have you seen the booklet called My Family. It is super cool. We have been sharing a lot of messages about family history. I love it!

Feel better soon! I love you! Have a great week. Love Elder Heinzlmeir!

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