Monday, 31 March 2014

Love the new layout of the week!

Good Morning Mommy!

This week was great. Lots of good experiences, I learned so much as well. Lets see, first order of business, we received our transfer calls on Saturday. I will be staying! As for my current companero, Elder Lopez is leaving. He will be going to Ottawa to start a Spanish group, and he will be training. It sad that he will be going, we are great friends, but I am happy for him. (He has been serving in this ward for 11 months). As for my new companion, or should I say old companion! That's right, Elder Fontaine will be joining me once again! Reunited as we embark on a new adventure together! I'm really excited to be with him for the second time. As for my week, it went a little something like this:


Preparation day was great, we cleaned the apartment (including the cobwebs in the corner we have been ignoring.) It looks great! It also feels nice to be in a clean space. (Not that it was THAT dirty before). We played Foosball and around the world. It is a fun game involving revolving around a ping-pong table and 6 people. We bought chocolate milk for a dollar at Maxi! Then we had family home evening with a Haitian family, and we made them tacos!


Tuesday we did our calls with the Zone Leaders, then Elder Fernandez came with me on a companion exchange. We had a great day, which included one of the most interesting and funny experiences on my mission. I'll save this one for in person, but I will tell you that it involves the fire department and an old folks home. That night we visited a different Haitian family,m and the Lungus (the member family from Moldova). Their daughter turns eight in a few months and they asked us to come over to teach her, mostly because her friend comes over as well, who isn't a member and just turned eight. It was a nice visit. I think I mentioned already the Lungus are planning to move to Alberta, and were wondering if they could speak to you for some information. Would that be alright?


Elder Lopez and I were busy going back and forth with many visits. We also had a neat idea. We were looking at our ward list and realized that there are many people that we do not know on the list. Many of them didn't have current address' or phone numbers, and appeared to be lost. My mentality before was that 'they are gone forever' however, I know that they are still people, and are somewhere. I know the Lord knows. Anyway, we went over to a members house and with them on their Facebook started to look for these "lost sheep". It was amazing! We actually found many of them, and now have a way to contact them. That was really special. I know Heavenly Father loves them still, even if we haven't seen them for a while.


Thursday we visited our friend Sasha, who made us dinner. He was baptized almost one year ago, and he is the best. He calls us his nephews and he is our uncle. Then we went to the family history centre with an elderly lady in the ward. We helped her make her account and start her family history. She is from Guyana, and we put in her parents, first husband and children.


This was a good day. We worked on transfers, then our ward had a temple trip, which President approved us to attend. I went with Elder Grant. What a wonderful way to spend a Friday evening.


We pretty much did transfer stuff all day. Although we did meet a lady that hasn't been to church in a while, and we will start to meet with her.


Church was great! Elder Lopez shared his testimony. We taught Gospel Principles class about the Atonement. We had a great ward council meeting afterwards. Then we visited all the families that wanted to say goodbye to Elder Loepz, which continues tonight. Got some really good visits, really taught by the Spirit.

So that was the week. Hope you have a good one!

Love, Elder Heinzlmeir

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