Monday, 14 July 2014

Short and Sweet

Taylor and I 'chatted' online today so I told him I'd give the overview from our chat for the blog entry...

They went to a primary party with the ward at a park...made him think of his siblings and he's getting excited to see everyone!

They had dinner at a family's home who are from Mexico...they said whenever he wants to go to Cancun, they'd hook him up with lodging etc.!  I'm all over that!

"Wednesday was cool. I think I mentioned that I met a lady on the bus that then a member met at the park the same week. Well, the members invited her and her family over for dinner, and us too. Way for them for doing missionary work. It was so special to really feel that we were working as a team."

"Tuesday we had Zone Meeting and interviews with President Patrick, which is always a great time. Took all day, but was worth it!"

"Oh and we went to the Desjourdy`s when we got back from Longueuil, their daughter leaves this week on her mission to temple square, so their family was down, church was PACKED!"

I can't believe he'll be home in just over 3 weeks!  But who's counting? ;)

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