Monday, 28 July 2014

The Countdown....

Monday already?

Honestly... I am excited, (about coming home...) but I know I can still do a lot more, so I am trying to be very disciplined and focused. The other Elders and members are all excited too, which makes focus a little more challenging, but it's good for me. I would be down to go to a Chinese restaurant, I haven't been to a good one in months. I could even order in Mandarin. ish. The hardest good bye's will be next week, though I am sure to have a few. It is a little strange to have so much time in advance to know that I am leaving. I'll make the most with the time I have left.

Highlights of the week include great lessons with both Dominic and Frederick. And we gave a sister in the ward a blessing. The next day she called us and told us how she was able to sleep well the night before and how comforted she felt. That was great for me, to really see the difference such a simple act can make. Or the fact that we call Marc everyday to help him through this time in his life that is rather challenging. We don't see immediate changes in his situation but at least once a day he can feel the Spirit and feel loved. My hope is they will all become more converted to the Lord, who can offer these blessing for time and eternity, and for whom I am laboring now. Although I won't be around forever, I know He will be.

I am about three quarters of the way through Jesus the Christ. It is a great book. My scripture reading is helping me to feel happy. I had another cool personal experience this week. I was reviewing notes from my notebook and I came across a list of things I wanted to improve. I wrote it more than a year ago, and as I went down the list I was able to see how much I had truly grown. (I still have a long way to go though).

Thanks for your prayers and support. I miss you and love you very much.

Love, Elder Heinzlmeir

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