Monday, 7 July 2014

Challenges, stress and motivation.

What a Wonderful World!

This week was rather interesting. Many unexpected events that turned it upside down. Luckily we are well anchored and feeling great. I have a lot of mixed feelings right now. We have been facing a lot of challenges, inward and outward, that creates stress. I feel I have however, been managing that stress well. I very motivated to work hard. Although no one we are teaching has agreed to a date to be baptized, I have faith it is still possible. We will work and see what happens.

This week "came to pass" this way:


The Elders from Drummondville came down and we played soccer, great way to unwind, and exercise always helps us to be happy. We helped a family in the ward move into their new place that night.


Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! 25 Years! Hope you had a wonderful day. Taught a few lessons, had dinner with the Kikongi's and helped another guy move. Everyone moves on Canada day in Quebec... don't ask me why.


Good district meeting, cool experience. We received a call from the Elders in Quebec. One of the members in the Quebec ward has a sister that lives in Sherbrooke that is interested in learning English. She gave her sister our contact information, and she called us, that night she came to English Class.


We helped our good friend John lay some bricks today, good work. I'm glad Dad always worked with us outside. I appreciate it much more now than I did before.


We had a cool experience. The Rivero's are visiting from Venezuela, their daughters family lives here (The Vasquez family). We invited Bishop Rivero (he is a bishop in Venezuela) to come teach a lesson with us. It was so special. It was in Spanish, so I only understood around 65% of the things they were saying but the Spirit was there so strongly! Bishop Rivero shared his testimony about the Atonement and the Book of Mormon, and how living the Gospel helps us and his families. You could just feel the truth behind his words. I know that is true, I have seen it! That was special.


We are helping a man overcome his addictions to cigarettes and alcohol. It was his Birthday today, he called us in the morning and we sang to him. It was really sweet. He really wants to succeed and is trying really hard. It feels good to be able to help someone overcome their struggles, and interesting to see how the Gospel helps them to do that. It gives them the faith and hope they need. And we really see how Heavenly Father strengthens them in time of need.


If you remember back I mentioned we visited a man in a rehabilitation centre. His fiance just moved to Sherbrooke to help take care of him. We visited them again today. It was really special. He is making great progress.

This week in Preach My Gospel I studied all the lessons over and Chapter 11, about helping people to make commitments and helping them to keep the commitments they have made. It is a good chapter, and shows just how we are to provide love and support. We invite people to act, to do things to get closer to Christ. We give them a choice to make. Then when they make the choice, we can do all we can to support them. Isn't that awesome?

Well hope you have a great week! I will send the box. Don't forget about the Scholarship. Thanks. I love you!

Elder Heinzlmeir

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