Friday, 15 April 2011

Midnight Thoughts: The Sequel

Hopefully I don't develop a habit of staying up this late writing, probably not good for my health, which reminds me, I really need to get more active, maybe start going to the gym... later... well anyway, I was watching Kung Fu Panda today, what a great movie today, and it actually has some really awesome messages in it!! But what also struck me is that it would be wicked awesome to be a kung fu master!! You could do cool flips and stuff, and be all wise and mystic! I actually was in Tae Kwon Do once upon a time, a lot of fun but I didn't stick with it. This got me thinking, is there anything that you have ever thought would be cool to do but never got around to it? Well if you answered yes then I think it is time to make a stand, lets all go out there and try something new, just to see what happens! If you have any interesting experiences let me know, or if you think of something fun that you think every one should try, just throw out ideas!

On another note, don't you just love it when people say nice things about something you've made or done, that satisfaction is the best!! I think maybe it would be sweet if we all try to tell someone at least once a day that you enjoy something they've done, or just compliment them, because how sweet would it be if everyone was complimenting everyone! The world would be a better place, guaranteed!!

Well with these new challenges hopefully I've inspired some to get out there, try something new, and compliment people. You guys are the best!!! Really.


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  1. Taylor, you're the best. Wow, I'm your mom! Wow! So happy to related to such a positive, influential person!

    I made home made ginger beef the other night...for the first time! It was awesome according to the masses that partook!

    Also, I Quelph, even tho I didn't want to...cuz I hate making a fool of myself...but I did it...yup, made a fool of myself! Cheers to me!