Monday, 18 April 2011


I have a very large knot in my back. It hurts very much. On a completely related note, I watched "The Blind Side" for the first time today, great movie!!! So tonight I was out for a run, I know, me running, what the heck! But anyhow, I realized that I used to run with my head down, always looking at the ground and really paying attention to where I was experiencing discomfort, today this has all changed! For some reason I decided to keep my head up and enjoy the experience. I noticed many things: first, the moon is awesome! I really enjoyed running by the moonlight, made me feel like a werewolf or vampire or something..... I swear I'm, normal, and no that is not a Twilight reference, it's a Vampire Diaries reference, which is significantly cooler, I'm gonna stop here, that's all I have to say. Number two is that because I was enjoying what was around me I was actually able to run longer and faster and feel good about it because I wasn't focused on the pain that running causes. Moral of the story is, keep your head up and enjoy life's experiences, and don't let the pain's drag you down. This is extremely relevant to life now in exam times, don't stress out, you can do it!! The best part is having friends to help you through those painful times, to lift your head up when you can no longer do it on your own, to run beside you and together overcome obstacles. There is nothing I would rather do than lend a helping hand, you all have a friend here, so don''t be afraid to use it!


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