Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Aprés Christmas!

It was a great Christmas after all!  It was definitely weird not having our Taylor here, but we got to Skype for more than an hour.  I also just got off the computer with him today (Boxing Day) because it's his P-day today instead of Monday so we were emailing back and forth.  He sent some pictures!  Here you go...

T with Elder Bell

Transfer companion is Elder Shaver

All 7 Chinese missionaries...the seven may turn into 12 come the new year!

Elder Bell and Elder Riff with their Poutine

Christmas Concert

Elder Shaver and T on the Metro...all by themselves!

Birthday Sushi!

John's baptism

Andy's baptism

Christmas tree for the 4 roommates that Dennis sent

Opening pressies with his birthday present wrapped around him...the quilt I made out of his favourite T-shirts!  Kaitlin got him the missionary stocking that looks like a suit and tie with a name tag!  Perfect!

Dad always finds cool coins and momentos for his kiddos to have as keepsakes to remember important times and events by.

His new Citizen watch from Dad that is solar powered.  He said he feels very classy with it on and feels important when he 'consults' his Citizen for the time.  Hahahaha!

The loot.
Grandma and Grandpa Morris sent him every flavour of Pringles out there, and a bunch of his favourite candy to last about 6 months...or maybe not that long if all 4 guys indulge! 

I did mention to him how I love his 'chesterfield'!  lol  
When we Canadians use the word chesterfield, it's when we have a couch that looks like THAT!
He says its very soft and comfy though!  

First birthday and Christmas away from home.  Success.  Phew.  We made it through.
(Yes, it was harder on Mom than him ;0)  )
Good practice for next year...and the many other holidays and celebrations that he won't be home for...cuz that's what happens when you grow up I guess, right?

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