Monday, 17 December 2012

Things are warming up in Montreal...even tho there's snow!


Haha yes my companions speak english, and french too. I speak French occasionally. And we sing in all 3 but Mandarin as often as possible.

No deliveries as of yet. Might get some today. 
Haha Brother Mandin is great! Cool that Uncle Brent and Auntie Kami came to visit! 

Well life has been pretty good the past week, although quite busy, really pushing to make things happen. And we have been knocking a lot! Elder Shaver is great, he is super thoughtful and very aware of people and how they act and what they think. Im a little more go go go, I can learn a lot from him. Knocking has been pretty normal, but we have had some cool experiences. First we knocked into these fellows from Morocco, we discussed some things, they loved to talk, but not listen as much. But then the next door was a man from Mauritius! (Small island in the Indian ocean) He was super open and he even let us in! We taught him, prayed with him and I could really feel the Spirit. He is not Chinese though, so I think he is in contact with the English missionaries.

Another cool thing was Saturday we went to a lady's house with the senior missionaries serving in our branch (President Cannons father and his wife). It was her and her 14 year old son. He is incredible at the piano and they fed us a great meal! Later we were talking about family, she was amazed at 11 children and kept saying you must be a great woman (to which I agreed). I told her to add you on Facebook. Yu Fang is her name. They like us missionaries but not quite open to joining the Church yet. Fun night though.

Also I have been trying to find a mom in the ward for you to get in touch with. We have an <older sister> figure. Liu Hai Tao. She is great! She bought us hot chocolate (Which is great cause it finally snowed here) and is always willing to help us. 

Last night I found a mom! There is a lady in our ward.. Iris. They have three boys. One has soccer so him and dad don't come to church too much, but she is there every week. And they have been here 10 years so her English is great! I will ask if she has facebook when I see her again. 

Still not sure about Christmas, things happen really last minute in the branch. The back up is President and Sister Cannons (you can also add Sister Cannon on FB). Hopefully I know what the plan is by next week.

Well those are some of the most eventful things this week. 

Love you so much!

Elder Heinzlmeir

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